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Publications & Documents

NITHC Reports

Annual Progress Report

Summary Report Q1 20-21

Bereavement  Special Leave 2020

Retirement 2020

Reservist Annual Camp 2020

Smoke Free policy Screening Report

Security Access Screening Report

NIR Regulatory Accounts March 2019

NITHC Equality Scheme

Screening Summary Report Q3 2019

Screening Document Anti Fraud Theft and Bribery 2019

Screening Document Gifts and Hospitality 2019

Screening Document Whistleblowing Policy

Screening Form Recruitment of Ex Offenders

Screening Summary Q1 & Q2 2019

Screening Summary Q1 2018

Screening Summary Q2 2018

Screening Summary Q3 2018

Screening Summary Q4 2018

Screening Summary Report Q4 19-20

Yorkgate Station Redevelopment

Central Station Development Screening

Track Rehabilitation Programme Screening

Lurgan Area Track Renewals Screening Report

NW Multimodal Transport Hub Screening Report

Portrush Station Development Screening Report

Display Screen Equipment Screening Report

Young People at Work Policy Screening Report

NITHC Disability Action Plan

Banbridge Bus Facility Project Screening Report

Belfast Hub Project Screening Q1 2018

Belfast Hub Project Screening Q2 2018

Data Protection Policy

Duncrue Central Workshops and Stores Screening

Future Ticketing System Project Screening

Bus Procurement Screening Report

Corporate Volunteering Policy Screening Report

Network Engineering and Safety Screening Report

Glider Penalty Fares Equality Screening

Lambeg Village Station Footbridge

Minority Language Equality Screening

Bus Shelter Screening Report - Dec 2018

Mobile Telephone and Usage Policy

Travel Centre – Expenses Policy

 Travel Centre – Refund and Cancellation Policy

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