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Company Policies
Our strategys and policies are important to maintaining a functioning company

BARC Terms of Reference

The Board has established a sub-committee known as the Board Audit and Risk Committee. Download

Candidate Privacy Notice

Translink is a data controller pursuant to the GDPR which means we are responsible for deciding how we hold and use your personal information. Download

Dispute Resolution Process

This document provides an overview of the Disruption Processes, relating to allocation of capacity, applied to manage the Infrastructure Manager (IM) responsibilities as defined in the Railways Infrastructure (Access, Management and Licencing or Railway Undertakings) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2016. Download

Network Statement

The objective of this Network Statement is to supply potential Applicants with the essential information needed to apply to gain access to, and to use the mainline railway infrastructure in Northern Ireland. Download

Network Statment - French Version Download

Recruitment of Ex-Offenders

This policy and associated procedures outlines Translink’s approach to the recruitment of ex-offenders. Download

Penalty Fare Appeals Policy

This document explains our policy on appeals against the decision to issue a Penalty Fare Notice. Download

Staff Privacy Policy

This privacy notice applies to current and former employees, workers and contractors. Download

Tax Strategy

This document sets out the UK group Tax Strategy of Northern Ireland Transport Holding Company in relation to the UK group in compliance with section 161 and section 16(2) of schedule 19 Finance Act 2016 for the year ending 29 March 2020. Download


Ticket and Pass Refund Policy

Applications for refunds must be submitted within 28 days of the expiry date of the ticket. Download


Service Facilities Description



Track Access Agreement



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NITHC Minutes and Reports

Decision making processes and records of decisions including minutes taken for the NITHC board meetings. View Reports / View Minutes