Carnet Rail Tickets

Carnet tickets on Dublin Enterprise rail services to Dundalk, Drogheda and Dublin

Enterprise Carnet Tickets

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Bus Substitution

Please note prior to purchase, a Bus Substitution service will operate from 3rd July until early Autumn between Lanyon Place Train Station & Newry Train Station. Additionally, a full line closure will be in operation on the Enterprise service 3rd-5th Aug (inc).

Further detail are available at Travel Updates.

What are Carnet Tickets?

  • When you choose a Carnet train ticket, you’ll receive a book of pre-paid tickets for your journey to/from Dublin. These are cheaper than buying the same ticket for your journey on the day you travel. 
  • Books are made up of:
    • Enterprise Plus Singles = 20 x single tickets
    • Enterprise Standard Singles = 20 x single tickets
    • Enterprise Standard Day Return = 10 x day return tickets
  • Book online and your tickets are sent Special Delivery to you.

How does it work?

  • Carnet tickets are sold as bundles of single tickets which remain valid for six months and can be used as and when you need them within this time.
  • Simply fill in the date of travel on the ticket before you travel.
  • Show your ticket to train barrier staff and board train.
  • Then just sit back and relax!

Why choose a Carnet?

  • Saves money – Carnet tickets offer significant savings versus purchasing tickets in-station
  • Saves time – simply turn up and go with your Carnet tickets, no need to queue to buy a ticket in-station. 
  • Flexible – you decide when to travel, plus you can share these tickets with colleagues who also travel regularly, giving you complete flexibility and freedom.

Carnet prices

Just configure the journey you want above to find the right price. Carnet tickets can be purchased for both Plus and Standard class