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Our Vision

To be your first choice for travel in Northern Ireland

Our Mission

It is our mission to deliver a transformation in public transport by providing integrated services which connect people, enhance the economy & improve the environment.

Corporate Responsibility

We consider the interests of society by taking responsibility for the impact of our own activities on customers, suppliers, employees, stakeholders and communities as well as the environment.

Key Facts
  • 1.5m passengers going to work, education, health services, leisure activities and more every week
  • 12,500 services every day
  • Operate a fleet of 1400 buses, coaches and trains
  • These vehicles do 44 million miles per year
  • We operate over and maintain 300 miles of rail track, including many bridges, level crossings and signals
  • We carry 55,000 school kids to school every day
  • We employ over 3,800 green, local jobs across all parts of NI
  • All main bus and train facilities fully accessible
  • Over 200k concession passes active for travel
  • Leading transport provider for major events
Corporate Governance

We want to ensure that our organisation complies with the relevant legislative/public sector/safety requirements for doing business.


We develop stable, long term relationships with key suppliers and have a variety of opportunities for companies to partner with us. Find Out More

Working with Stakeholders
As Northern Ireland 's main public transport provider, Translink is continuing to transform public transport through the delivery of our 5-year ‘Get On Board’ strategy, which commenced in 2016. Find Out More
Board and Management

We want to provide integrated services which connect people, enhance the economy and improve the environment, enabling a thriving Northern Ireland. NITHC Board / Translink Management

Media Centre

Get the latest press news, infrastructure improvments and project updates. Find Out More

Monitoring Results

This report presents the 41st set of results based on the Translink Integrated Passenger’s Charter. The figures were obtained from independent monitoring surveys of both bus and rail companies Find Out More

Publications and Documents

We produce a range of corporate publications as well as policies and procedures that help shape the company we are. Find Out More

Our Values
The 'Translink SPIRIT' is a set of guiding principles that are a fundamental part of everything we do. These core values are embedded in the culture of our organisation and enable us to lead, inspire and succeed in delivering our goals for Translink.

We put safety first by taking care of the people around us


Our people make the difference in the service customers receive. We will respect one another and seek a committed, talented and diverse workforce.


We seek out new ideas and creative solutions to business challenges and are agile and responsive to the changing needs of our stakeholders.


We are responsible for our actions. We are good neighbours and corporate citizens in the communities where we operate.


We do the right thing. Our actions are fair, ethical, trustworthy and straightforward.


We work together to deliver the best results. We encourage collaboration to build and nurture valuable partnerships.