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Improvements & Projects

Public Transport is crucial for the successful development of our region

A number of exciting investment projects are already underway that will contribute to the transformation of our public transport network.


Lurgan Track Renewal

With almost 1 million passengers travelling to and from Lurgan Train Station annually, it’s one of the busiest stations on our network. Find Out More


The Hub

The Belfast Hub will be a catalyst for the regeneration of this area and ensure we have the right infrastructure in place to encourage modal shift and attract more people to use public transport.

North West Hub

The new Hub will be an important gateway to the North-West, regenerating the local area. Find Out More


A New Era of Ticketing

A new era in Translink tickets is coming that will provide customers with better integration, flexibility and convenience when buying and using tickets for Translink services.

Portrush Regeneration Programme

The programme involves a number of key projects including a major public realm scheme and the redevelopment of the train station. Translink, on behalf of DfC, is leading on the redevelopment on the train station. Find Out More


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