Third Party Works

Managing the Activities of Third Parties

We in the Infrastructure and Property Department are tasked with managing the activities of third parties who want to carry out works on or near the railway infrastructure.  Translink have a team of Engineers that will provide assistance and support to the Public, Private Developers and Utility Companies, who are planning activities on or near the railway.

Contact Us

Contact NIR Third Party Works Engineer 
  • Email 
  • Mail 
    • FAO Third Party Works Engineering Team, 
    • Structures Department, 
    • Infrastructure Division, 
    • Translink, 
    • Milewater Service Centre
    • 25 Duncrue Street
    • Belfast, BT3 9AR.
  • Telephone
    • 028 9035 4075

Working by the railway?

Third Party Works Procedure

All Third Party Works are to be carried out in accordance with the NIR Third Party Works Procedure. A Third Party is defined; as an external party to NIR who seeks to do work that potentially impacts the railway in any form, works that are adjacent to the railway property boundaries, under, over the railway or have a direct or indirect impact to the infrastructure, operations and safety to the railway. 

A third party, as set out in this procedure, may refer to the third party itself, its agents, consultants, representatives or contractors (including sub-contractors). Working near the railway can be a dangerous environment and we are in a position to help you navigate the risks. Translink (NIR) is committed to safety so we want to help you deliver your works safely and securely.

Download Procedure Form - PDF (1300kb) | Download Procedure Form - Word (209kb)

Supporting You

To help you achieve your time frames please contact us as early as possible in your planning process, this will enable us to best support you in delivering successfully.

Translink Third Party Works Engineers can help you with a multitude of works including:

  • construction sites near the railway (including Cranes, piling, MEWPS and lifting equipment)
  • works over railway airspace
  • utility works (water and drainage, electric, gas, cabling and telecommunications equipment)
  • bridge works
  • road, resurfacing and traffic management schemes 
  • inspection and surveying (any access on or near the line) 
  • works within the designated precautionary area of level crossings
  • domestic related projects (e.g. house extension & excavation works affecting slopes/retaining walls) 
  • domestic maintenance (e.g. roof, scaffolding, building repair, maintenance, boundary works and vegetation management)

Application Forms

Third-Party Works Application Form can be downloaded below. Third Party Works Engineers are dedicated to co-ordinating activities around the railway and can be contacted through the Translink Contact Centre or by email at

Download Request Form - PDF (160kb) | Download Request Form - Word (38kb)

Works near a Level Crossing?    

Works at or near a Level crossings may impact upon one or more of the following:

  • safety of road users, railway passengers and personnel
  • train operations
  • structural integrity of the permanent way and other railway structures
  • underground apparatus serving the railway (including signalling & telecoms)

This shall be considered at all works at a level crossing, within 200m of a level crossing or with the potential to cause ‘blocking back’ over the level crossing. NIR Third Party Works Engineer can assist in managing these risks. 

For a 'Works at or near Level Crossing Form' please contact 

What to expect?

NIR Third Party Works Engineer will be in contact within 10 working days to discuss the proposed works.  

Additional Important Information

NIR Contractor Safety Requirements

NIR Contractor Safety Requirements apply to third party contracts where a party, other than NIR, engages a Contractor to carry out work on or near NIR Infrastructure.  In such circumstances the third-party client should engage with NIR’s Third Party Works Engineer as early as possible to ensure that the safety requirements are understood and notified to the third-party contractor. The third-party client shall ensure that the NIR Contractor Safety Requirements are included in any contract for works on or near NIR Infrastructure. No works may commence until NIR is assured of this requirement. Once agreed with NIR the Contractor’s Representative may engage directly with NIR’s Third Party Works Engineer in managing compliance with the requirements. 

Safety Critical Competency (Personal Track Safety (PTS) Course)

Personnel who are required to access or work on or near to the railway track are required to complete a Personal Track Safety course. This should be organised well in advance of commencing work as a specific medical and toxicology must be passed before the training can be undertaken. Details of approved medical and training suppliers are provided below. 

Download NIR Safety Critical Suppliers - Word (19kb)

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