Belfast Grand Central Station

A new destination in the heart of the City

Across the world, modern, vibrant and growing cities have high quality connectivity at the centre of their sustainable growth and development.

Belfast Grand Central Station, a £multi-million investment by the Department for Infrastructure will be at the heart of an exciting new city neighbourhood called ‘Weavers Cross’ with imaginative mixed-use development proposals. 

As a transport led regeneration project, it is a hugely important NI Executive Flagship Project and a key driver of economic growth and prosperity for Belfast & Northern Ireland.

Located on an 8-hectare site beside the current Europa Buscentre and Gt Victoria Street Stations, it will be the main transport gateway to Belfast, creating a sense of arrival in a modern, progressive city, with rail, bus and coach connections to all parts of Northern Ireland and beyond.

Designed to be fully inclusive for all, this impressive facility will be a catalyst for the regeneration of the area and ensure we have the right infrastructure in place to encourage modal shift to attract more people to choose public transport.

We are also working to complement other key initiatives for the area such as the Urban Villages Regeneration scheme, the proposed Linen Quarter as well as local wayfinding trails, Public Realm and cycle initiatives that will encourage more use of public transport and active travel.

Construction work on Belfast Grand Central Station is progressing at pace with completion expected during 2025. It is set to be Ireland’s largest integrated transport facility, creating over 400 jobs during construction, with commitments to Buy Social and a Construction Academy. 

What is 'Weavers Cross'?

The name for the new city neighbourhood surrounding Belfast Grand Central Station.

Translink drew inspiration from the area’s industrial heritage and geography to create the name ‘Weavers Cross’ which offer a unique identity for this new city neighbourhood; the area was one of Belfast’s linen industry centres and also a key crossing over the Blackstaff River.

Weavers Cross’ will be situated in the heart of Belfast; an 8 hectare site linking the modern high capacity transport hub with impressive mixed use development proposals.

More on Weavers Cross

Key Benefits

Providing a range of key benefits from operational and economic to environmental and social:

  • Integration: Designed to be a multi modal transport hub with 26 bus stands, 8 railway platforms, cycle and taxi provision for enhanced comfort and capacity to attract even more people to choose greener, active travel for a healthier city.
  • Enhanced passenger capacity: Belfast Grand Central Station will cater for around 20 million passenger journeys each year.
  • Commercial Business & Investment: At the heart of a dynamic new ‘Weavers Cross’ mixed-use development, boasting a range of commercial opportunities to support the local economy and provide sustainable end use jobs.
  • Regeneration: The station investment is the catalyst to reconnect and reinvigorate adjacent Sandy Row and Lower Falls neighbourhoods.
  • Public Realm: A new accessible civic space, named Saltwater Square, inviting more people to access and enjoy the area.
  • New Gateway: To attract and welcome visitors worldwide providing an excellent first impression to NI – including relocation of the Enterprise Train.
  • Job Creation: Providing over 400 jobs during the construction phase with the added commitment to education and skills training for apprenticeships and new entrants opportunities for local people.
Belfast is already attracting multi-national investors and Weavers Cross will enable the city to attract more developers with an attractive and unique investment opportunity. The development will also feature high-quality residential and leisure space within walking distance of three higher education institutions, two hospitals and the city’s vibrant social scene.

Connecting People and Opportunities

Belfast Grand Central Station design makes it easy for people to access links to South and West Belfast and into the city centre and will complement other key initiatives for the area such as the Urban Villages Regeneration scheme, the proposed Linen Quarter as well as local wayfinding trails, Public Realm and cycle initiatives that will encourage more use of public transport and active travel.

It will also support Belfast City Council's City Centre Regeneration and Investment Strategy with Belfast Grand Central Station designated one of the 5 Special Action Areas in the City.

Equality Impact Assessment 

As an organisation Translink is committed to ensuring equality in all aspects of the business. As part of this commitment and under the statutory duties contained within Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998, Translink has completed two Section 75 screening exercises on the Belfast Transport Hub (now known as Belfast Grand Central Station) and Wider Masterplan, with Draft EQIA Consultation Report available on 5 May 2021, and consultation period ending on 27 July 2021.

Download - PDF (406kb)  |  Download - Word (212kb)

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