Mossley West Park and Ride

Park and Ride facility at Mossley West

Plans are in progress to provide an enhanced, 200+ space Park and Ride facility at Mossley West in the Newtownabbey area, enhancing the existing site. 

There has been considerable pressure on parking spaces in this area, with a knock-on impact on nearby residential areas.  This significant enhancement to the existing Park and Ride site will help to alleviate these issues. 

It is hoped that planning approval will be granted in the coming months for an enhanced facility to meet current and future parking demand.  The Park and Ride will continue to be served by Mossley West Train Halt, which will not be affected by any potential works.  There will also be no inconvenience for drivers using the existing Park and Ride facility when work is underway.  

As we seek to rebuild from COVID-19, public transport will have a critical role to play in a ‘green’ recovery, helping to ensure that sustainable transport options, including public transport, walking and cycling, become mainstream for everyone in the years ahead.

Public transport will be vital for the economic recovery of Northern Ireland, helping to connect communities with employment, education, healthcare, retail and leisure opportunities, as well as restoring vibrancy to our town and city centres and other districts.

Artists Plan of area

Project Summary

  • Provision of a much needed enhancement to Mossley West Park and Ride, adjacent to the railway halt.
  • Designed to meet passenger demand on key rail corridors towards Belfast and the North-West.  
  • A safe, secure facility with disabled access parking, CCTV, security fencing and lighting.
  • Improved cycle shelters.
  • Benefits
  • Easier and more convenient access for rail passengers.
  • Fully accessible for all users.
  • Local on-street residential parking will be alleviated.
  • Better use of land, helping to enhance the local area and deter anti-social behavior.
  • Will meet high environmental standards in line with Translink’s commitment to enhance and protect the local landscape and biodiversity


Following discussions at the public webinar event in December 2020, Translink has updated our design proposals to provide a new ‘exit only’ point onto The Glade.  

Traffic will now enter the Mossley West P&R site from the original site entrance and exit from the proposed new exit point at The Glade, with attendant benefits for traffic flow and the prevention of congestion on The Glade.  It will also encourage commuters exiting the P&R site to continue onto Carnmoney Road North and not through the estate.

We are also considering the installation of solar array panels to offset some of our energy demands.  However, this is dependent on an analysis of cost and benefits and will be confirmed in due course.  

birds eye view of mapped area

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