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Public Transport is crucial for the successful development of our region

North West Hub

Representing an investment of around £27m, funding for this major project has been secured from the EU’s INTERREG VA Programme, administered by the Special European Union Programmes Board (SEUPB) with support from the Department for Infrastructure and the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport in Ireland.

Work is progressing well on the North-West Transport Hub at the former Waterside Train Station, a grade-B listed building and much loved landmark in Derry~Londonderry and representing a major vote of confidence by Translink in the region.

The ambitious cross-border project has the potential to transform travel across the North-West region, encouraging a modal shift in transport habits.  As people seek more ‘me’ time, which public transport is well placed to provide.

Constructed during the 1870s, the building served as one of the city’s main railway stations for a century before closing in 1980 – this project represents the restoration of the building to its original purpose after 40 years.

Associated track and signalling work is well advanced, with a forthcoming line closure to facilitate additional work scheduled to be in place between Derry~Londonderry and Coleraine from Tuesday 8th – Sunday 20th October.  Bus substitutions will be in place throughout this work.

During the closure, Ulsterbus service 734 will travel between Castlerock and Coleraine Bus and Rail Centre, with Ulsterbus service 735 travelling between Coleraine and Derry~Londonderry via Limavady Bus Centre.  Customers who would normally travel to and from Bellarena should be aware that bus substitutions will serve Limavady Bus Station throughout this period and that Bellarena will not be served.  Scheduled Ulsterbus services can also be used  as follows:

  • Ulsterbus service 134 – Coleraine to Limavady via Coast Road
  • Ulsterbus service 143/144 – Derry~Londonderry to Limavady
  • Ulsterbus service 234 – Derry~Londonderry to Coleraine via Mountain Road

Valid rail tickets will be accepted on rail substitution bus services and scheduled Ulsterbus services 134, 143/144 and 234 only.  Passengers travelling directly between Derry~Londonderry and Belfast can use Goldline Express Services 212, although users should note that rail tickets are not valid for use on 212 services.

Work is progressing well on the building, with a lot of the internal structural work now near completion, associated platform walls installed and repairs to the clock tower ongoing.

Track and signalling work is on schedule to complete during the autumn of 2019 to ensure railway operational readiness.   The entire project is scheduled to complete during the summer of 2020, which includes park and ride capacity and a bus turning circle.

The Hub is a major scheme that will be a key portal for the North-West region, supporting business, leisure and tourism opportunities, as well as acting as a vital community space for everyone in the city. The project also protects the iconic Victorian station building and will be a catalyst for development in the wider Waterside and Duke Street area.

Key Facts
  • Regeneration of the former Grade B-Listed Waterside Train Station

  • New Track, Signalling and Telecoms work associated with the Hub

  • New Greenway link to the City Centre and Foyle Street Bus Centre via the Peace Bridge

  • Active and Sustainable Travel Centre including information point, training facilities and secure bike parking

  • Approximately 100 spaces for Park & Ride

  • Current Train Station to be demolished and the site to be redeveloped as a bus turning circle

  • New Track, Signalling and Telecoms work associated with the new Hub

  • Integrated facility for the provision of rail and cross-border bus services

What are the Benefits?
  • Improved passenger amenities, providing a station that is fit for purpose, comfortable and has capacity to facilitate future passenger growth and encourage a modal shift.

  • Enhanced community space.

  • Improved connectivity in the North-West by integrating multimodal forms of transport.

  • Encourages participation in walking and cycling linking the Hub to the City Centre and the wider Greenway network.

  • Protects the built heritage of the iconic Grade B listed Waterside Train Station.

  • Regeneration of the area around the current and former Waterside Train Stations.

  • Enhanced Park & Ride facilities

  • Civic and Community Space


We know that the station and the opportunities it presents are important to people in Derry~Londonderry and beyond.  Translink has recently invited a number of key stakeholder organisations to help shape the programing of the Hub as a shared community space for everyone in the city, discussing topics such as arts and heritage and community development.

As well as acting as the city’s main transport hub, we’ve also sought buy-in from communities in relation to an open space where they can share their stories, a venue for events.  All this will help cement the station as a venue that part of Derry~Londonderry’s fabric.

We have worked with Tandem Design to develop interpretation throughout the building, striking a careful balance between timeless subtlety and engaging content.  The primary aim is to create a strong sense of place within the Hub while simultaneously providing information key attractions in the city and wider North-West region. The design concepts show a range of potential delivery mechanisms to help Translink tell the story of Derry~Londonderry and the wider area.  

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