Carnalea Platform Wall Project

Carnalea Platform Wall Project

Translink is working to transform public transport in line with our vision to be your ‘First Choice for Travel’ in Northern Ireland.

Translink is committed to delivering high quality sustainable public transport that is vital for the economic, social, and environmental wellbeing of Northern Ireland. We help to keep people connected to work, shop, socialise, study and for visitors. Public transport will play a key role in Northern Ireland’s recovery from the impact of Covid-19 while also helping address modal shift away from the private car, helping to tackle climate change and air pollution.

The Carnalea Platform Wall renewal project focuses on works at a bridge, which is located on the Bangor to Belfast Line and to the east of Carnalea Railway Station. This line is one of the most heavily trafficked on the Northern Ireland railways network, with 90 passenger trains on a daily basis.  

Why is this Engineering Work needed? 

The works are taking place as part of a wider Translink investment package across the Bangor- Belfast line. The proposed construction programme is to replace the existing retaining wall structure at the bridge over Station Road and Killaire Road in Carnalea. Inspections of the current bridge and retaining wall structure have taken place which have resulted in a recommendation that the wall on top of the bridge be replaced.

The route under the bridge provides access to Carnalea Golf Club and to residential properties sited along Killaire Road. The works will improve track safety standards for passengers, Translink and local residents. It is essential to maintain high safety standards and operational performance.

How will this work be carried out? 

To minimise the overall impact and disruption to passengers and local residents, Translink will avail of existing line closures scheduled for the delivery of the Central Area Track Renewal (CATR) project at Lagan Junction on the Bangor – Belfast line.

The main engineering works are due to take place during the Christmas holiday period at the end of this year which takes in the opportunity of lower passenger journeys post Covid-19 to undertake this essential maintenance work.

We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused by this scheme. We will be working closely with our contractors to complete the works as quickly as possible to ensure impact is kept to a minimum.

The works will be carried out in line with COVID-19 safety guidelines.  

Works completed thus far…

Enabling works on the site took place during November 2020, in preparation of the main works between the 27th December and the 3rd January 2021.  The enabling works included: 

  • De-vegetation and tree removal
  • Installation of an access platform between Station View and the Track
  • Set up of a site compound
  • Scaffolding to the north side of the bridge

Please Note: Separately from this project, our Structure Maintenance team have also carried out emergency repair works to the wall at the base of the embankment on Killaire Road. We apologise for any inconvenience caused during these works.

Project Timeline 

  • November to December 2020: Limited preparatory works will take place for site mobilisation works and structural surveys​
  • 27th December 2020 – 3rd January 2021: Main works with line closure (Belfast – Bangor and Yorkgate – Lanyon Place).
    • Majority of works will be undertaken in 12-hour day shifts with the site left secure at night. Currently three-night shifts are planned (26th, 27th & 28th December). There will be a noise impact from night and day working.
  • January 2021: Limited overnight possessions for follow-up works and site de-mobilisation.

Working with the community

We have already started to engage with the local community and elected representatives to explain how the works will be carried out and what to expect. This will continue throughout the duration of the project. We will be mindful of the Covid-19 social distancing regulations and will deliver our communications through leaflet drops, a range of digital platforms including project webinars, which you can re-watch below.

If you do have any issues with how the work is being carried out, please speak to Martin McKeown from our contractors McLaughlin & Harvey on 07917202778 or speak to Translink via our contact centre on 028 9066 6630.

Missed our latest Webinar?

If you missed our webinar presentation with the project team on Thursday 19th November, you could still catch the recording. Watch our latest Webinar on youtube

Impact of works 

We will be working hard with our contractors to minimise any noise or impact on the local residents living in the surrounding area.

We have carefully considered the best timing to deliver this important project in order to minimise the overall impact for passengers and local residents. Using the Christmas/New Year holiday period means there are less passengers travelling, and the closure allows us to complete the works in an efficient and effective way.

Traffic Management 

During the scheduled works, a traffic management system will be put in place to ensure the safety of the workforce & public and to limit disruption for local residents. Access below the bridge at Killaire Road will be maintained at all times, allowing access for residents and those wishing to access the golf club.

At Station Road, the road will be reduced to one lane, as the verge will be a compound area during the works. The flow of traffic will be managed by a traffic light system and the footpath will be maintained for residents.

At Station View, potential closure due to lorry movements and loading / off-loading, for the possession works only. Access for residents on Station View will be maintained.

The Carnalea Train Station Park & Ride will also be closed during the works. The car park will be used as an access point for the contractors to carry out the works. The subway will remain open during the works for pedestrians. A bus substitution service will be in place.

For information on bus substitutions and the wider Central Area Track Renewal works on the Bangor – Belfast line Find Out More


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