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Corporate Responsibility

We consider the interests of society by taking responsibility for the impact of our own activities

Go Together

Translink is part of the community; we are involved in a range of initiatives to protect and enhance safety, wellbeing and the environment.


Sponsored Festivals and Events

We try to promote an easier, cheaper and greener way to get around Northern Ireland. Which is why we sponsor a number of events and festivals across the country.

Our Charity Partner

We have joint forces with our charity partner Cancer Focus NI for our ‘Travel to a Healthier Life’ campaign Find Out More


Active Travel Challenge

Employers across Northern Ireland are being asked to sign-up to the Active Travel Challenge for a healthier and more environmentally-friendly commute.  Find Out More


Get On Board

We are trying to show you just how awesome public transport really is. We want you to be proud of your local public transport service.

Third Party Works
Guidance and information for third parties planning to undertake works or activities on or near Translink property that may affect the railway or bus operations. Find Out More
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Go Eco

Public transport by its very nature is a more sustainable option and we work hard to offer integrated travel solutions that are attractive, sustainable and good value in order to attract passengers. Find Out More

Go Healthy

Wellbeing at work is impacted by organisational culture as well as attitudes, values, beliefs and daily practices. Find Out More

Go Safe

Public Safety initiatives continue to prove successful and popular. Find Out More