Go Healthy

Benefits Translink and the Individual

Wellbeing at work is impacted by organisational culture as well as attitudes, values, beliefs and daily practices. We work hard to help all our colleagues lead a healthy lifestyle; this benefits both Translink and the individual.

As part of our strategy we aim to provide employees with access to locally delivered health and wellbeing initiatives each year.

Health and Wellbeing Programme

Our rolling Health and Wellbeing Programme comes in many forms and has included:

  • Monthly general health checks
  • Employee Assistance Programme
  • Cycle to Work Scheme
  • The £ for lb. weight loss scheme
  • Go Healthy leaflet with schedule of wellbeing events circulated to staff
  • Monthly posters highlighting relevant wellbeing topics
  • Go Healthy Champions network
  • Mental Health First Aiders
  • Launch of depot specific wellbeing initiatives
  • Drugs and Alcohol Awareness Campaigns
  • Mental health awareness posters and workshops
  • Partnership working with Public Health Agency
  • Healthy Eating for employees on shift work
  • Creation of Employee Offers booklet
  • First Aid and defibrillator training

Wellbeing Strategy

In Translink we recognise that Health and Wellbeing is a priority and value the strategic importance and benefits of a healthy workplace. To encourage a consistent and positive approach, we have developed this strategy to outline support for all employees Health and Wellbeing.

Our aim is to support employees wellbeing at work through assistance with their own Health and Wellbeing.

Take 5 Steps to Wellbeing

We know when we are mentally and physically well but sometimes we need a little extra support. Here are five simple steps to practice every day:

  1. Connect - When we talk about connecting, we usually think of connecting with other people, there are other ways of being in touch and connected.

  2.  Be Active - Being physically active every day is important for our physical health and fitness.

  3.  Take Notice - Observing your world in a non-judgemental way brings many health benefits.

  4.  Keep Learning - Learning something new can also help you to rediscover your identity, meet great likeminded friends and connect you to whole new skills, bringing a state of accomplishment.

  5.  Give - Giving is based on kindness, kindness to self and others is essential

Health and Wellbeing Key Performance Indicators - It can take a number of years to evidence a return on your investment, such as a reduction in absenteeism and an improvement in employees own health.

Wellbeing Champions

Some of our local Wellbeing Champions that are running events:

  • Siobhan Dunphy: Central Station
  • Ricky Blair: Coleraine Engineering Depot
  • Aaron Foy: Contact centre
  • Craig Mills: Newtownabbey Depot
  • Steven Hall: Coleraine NIR
  • Chris Jones: Magherafelt Bus
  • Siobhan Owens: Antrim Bus
  • Una Carson: 22 GVS
  • Katrina Scullion: Ballymena Bus
  • Stephen Gillen: Derry~Londonderry NIR
  • Bronagh O’Hare: Newry Depot
  • William Murray: Adelaide Depot
  • Phillip Vint: Downpatrick Depot
  • John Cargan: Newcastle Depot

Translink’s trained mental health first-aiders provide a confidential listening ear to anyone who requires support.

  • Siobhan Dunphy: Central Station
  • Craig Mills: Newtownabbey Depot
  • Steven Hall: Coleraine NIR
  • Paul Cosgrove: Glider, MSC
  • Tony Bradley: Foyle Street Depot
  • Irene Irvine: Infrastructure
  • Megan Lutton: Projects MSC
  • Colum Campbell: NIR
  • Avril Connor: Travel Centre
  • Elaine Osbourne: HSE, 22 Great Victoria St
  • Michael Chisholm: Adelaide NIR

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