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Corporate Clothing and Workwear

OJEU United Kingdom-Belfast: Corporate clothing 2017/S 234-486930

Translink wishes to appoint a suitable contractor to provide Workwear and Structured Garments to staff numbers in the region of 3500 across 30 main depots throughout Northern Ireland. Issue cycle frequencies are 18 months. The next roll-out will take place in November 2018.

Responses must be submitted before: 15:00 hours on Thursday 4th January 2018.

The Translink Group is utilising an electronic tendering system to manage this procurement and communicate with Tenderers.  Accordingly, it is intended that all communications with the Translink Group including the accessing and submission of responses will be conducted via 

To participate in this requirement you should click on the above link and access eTendersNI. The title of this requirement in the “View Current Opportunities” section of eTendersNI is the same as that displayed here.  


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