Translink Monitoring Results

Our Passengers Have Their Say

3 April 2023 – 1 October 2023

In April 2023, Translink commenced a programme of independent and continuous monitoring of customer satisfaction on Translink services.

The monitoring is carried out by the CARD Group, and their market researchers interview passengers across all services either on board, at a stop, or at a station. Over the course of the year over 6,000 bus, Glider and rail passengers will be interviewed. The results will be published twice a year and used to pinpoint any areas of Translink services which may need improvement.

Passengers are asked to rate their satisfaction with a wide range of service attributes including punctuality and reliability, value for money as well as overall satisfaction with their most recent journey.

During the first 6 months of customer satisfaction monitoring, more than 3,000 passenger interviews have taken place and the results for each of Translink’s bus and rail services are available at the links below.

Key Findings from the first 6 months of passenger satisfaction monitoring (Monday 3rd April 2023 – Sunday 1st October 2023):

  • On average, 85% of Translink passengers rated public transport services either good or excellent.
  • The overall satisfaction score with most recent journey on Translink services was 89%.
  • NIR, Goldliner and Ulsterbus services all scored above 90% on overall satisfaction with most recent journey, Glider scored 89% and Metro bus services scored 74%.
  • Passengers rated punctuality / reliability, frequency of services and value for money as the things that matter most to them.
  • All six Translink services performed strongly against customer priorities, with four of the six services achieving 90% or higher.
  • Across all Translink bus and rail services, punctuality was rated at an average of 85%. Four services were rated above 90% (Metro bus services were rated below this average highlighting an area for improvement).
  • 98% of passengers rated the accessibility of the vehicle as either good or excellent.
  • Passengers’ perception of safety on board Translink services is high with 96% of passengers giving a very safe or safe rating. Glider was rated slightly lower at 90%. 
  • 94% of passengers rated staff helpfulness at stations as either good or excellent.
  • The lowest rated service attribute at stations was catering and vending at 74%.

Overall Customer Satisfaction Results With Most Recent Journey on Translink Services

Overall Satisfaction
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Helpfulness of Staff
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Comfort of Seating
Duration of Journey
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Safety of Driving
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Safety on Board
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Value for Money

Individual Translink Services

Glider results are available here.
Goldliner results are available here.
Metro results are available here.
NI Railways
NI Railways results are available here.
Ulsterbus results are available here.
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