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Corporate Governance

We want to ensure that our organisation complies with the relevant legislative/public sector/safety requirements for doing business. This helps to deliver the noncommercial aspects of sustainability.
Our mission is to provide a safer, more sustainable, efficient business, enhancing our local economy and enriching the local communities we serve.
Talking to Our Stakeholders
As a public sector organisation it is important that we are accountable, transparent and have good governance. We need to ensure that in doing our day to day business we engage with our stakeholders, try to meet their expectations and deal with their concerns. We have a wide range of stakeholders; elected representatives, the Department for Regional Development, Consumer Council NI, customers, employees and their representatives, regulators, IMTAC and the general public, it is important that we talk to all of our stakeholders. Some of the ways we do this are:
Meet the managers day
Councillors / MLAs at Translink stations
Attendance at party conferences
Regular meetings with and briefing of CCNI
Translink Youth Forum
Translink passenger groups
Extensive internal communication programmes

Our Priorities

Our mission is to deliver a transformation in public transport, providing integrated services which connect people, enhance the economy and improve the environment, enabling a thriving Northern Ireland.

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Freedom Of Information

In order to comply with the Freedom of Information Act 2000, public sector organisations such as ours have obligations to routinely publish information and respond to requests for certain information.

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Our Spending

Financial information relating to our Annual Report & Financial Statements and Annual Report & Accounts.

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Data Protection

Translink processes personal information in order to deliver and improve services to our customers.

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Data released by Translink will be under the Open Government Licence or through Translink’s Access to Information Licence.

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