Dublin Rail Websaver Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. Enterprise Web Saver is a promotional offer. It is subject to availability and can be changed or withdrawn at any time.
  2. Purchases are NON-REFUNDABLE. Purchases will not be refunded or exchanged.
  3. Refunds are not permitted due to a positive Covid Test.
  4. Tickets can only be redeemed on day of outward travel.
  5. Customer MUST be in possession of ticket(s) before boarding Enterprise service. Customers must provide confirmation booking email to Station Ticket Desk for scanning of QR code(s) and issuing of ticket(s) to travel, or if starting your journey on local NIR service you can redeem with NIR Conductor on board.
  6. Customers MUST allow sufficient time to redeem ticket(s) and transfer to Enterprise service before train departure.
  7. Confirmation email can be printed on A4 paper or displayed on a mobile device (remember to keep your device charged). The full email must be shown as pictures/screenshots will not be accepted.
  8. Customers commencing their journey on local NIR services should recheck Journey Planner prior to travel to ensure no change or disruption to service. Times are subject to change during engineering works and public holidays.
  9. Online bookings are subject to availability. Normal Conditions of Carriage apply.
  10. Promotional tickets are NOT valid for services other than those booked. Passengers travelling on unspecified services are liable to be charged either the appropriate full single fare or a penalty fare per trip, subject to availability.
  11. Booking must be made at least 24 hours prior to travel. 
  12. Rail Travel tickets do not guarantee seats which are allocated on a ‘first come’ basis.
  13. On-board upgrades to Enterprise Plus are subject to availability and will be charged at the standard non-promotional rate.
  14. NI Railways do not operate connecting services. Compensation will therefore not be paid to passengers delayed because they are transferring from another service.
  15. This offer is a Web Saver and is only available through translink.co.uk - The fare is NOT available through NI Railways stations.
  16. Customers may only consume alcohol on Enterprise trains that has been purchased on board.
  17. Children under 5 travel free.

Tickets are non-transferable.

  1. Subject to condition 2, tickets purchased from Translink are non-transferable and shall not be re-sold or otherwise transferred.
  2.  The restriction set out in condition 1 shall not apply to: (a) any ticket purchased on behalf of another or a group so long as that ticket is not re-sold for commercial gain (including, but not limited to, at a price higher than its face value); or (b) any ticket re-sold by or on behalf of any authorised reseller or authorised agent of Translink.  
  3. Translink reserves the right to cancel any ticket transferred or re-sold (or listed for re-sale) in breach of this condition.