Play it Safe

At Translink, safety is always our top priority and this year we’re proud to launch our new ‘Play It Safe’ campaign in partnership with Ulster GAA and the IFA.

A picture of three teenagers in sport uniforms

‘Play It Safe’ delivers a series of important safety messages to promote responsible behaviours when using or around public transport.

Using a sports challenge theme, ‘Play It Safe’ demonstrates how the values displayed on the pitch also apply when travelling by bus, train or Glider.

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The campaign centres around the following key safety messages:

Treat everyone with respect. Our staff provide a vital service for people in your local area, keeping everyone connected to essential services, opportunities, family and friends.

Don't put anyone at risk. Some people are oblivious to very real dangers – putting the safety of themselves and others at risk without thinking of the consequences of their actions. 

Our vehicles may be big but they can be quiet. Trains run at high speeds and often quietly. Glider and many buses also operate quietly due to cleaner hybrid fuel or zero emission technology.

Two teenage girls in sports uniforms holding footballs
A teenage boy in a football kit holding a football

Anti-Social Behaviour on or around public transport has serious consequences. Injury, criminal record, delays or service withdrawal – impacting people in your community. 

Stay alert when using public transport especially when getting on/off services. Stay visible & vigilant – do not get distracted.

Follow the safety advice, it’s there for a reason. Stay behind the yellow line on platforms and follow safety notices and announcements - NEVER use tracks as a shortcut.

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Irish FA, Ulster GAA and Translink representatives launch the new Play It Safe Campaign at Europa Buscentre. 
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