A Day in the Life

Caragh Woods


Caragh Woods is currently training within the Signalling and Telecoms Department. Caragh commenced her first year as an Electrical Engineering Apprentice in August 2022.

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Why did you apply for the Translink Infrastructure and Projects Apprenticeship?

I have always had an interest in Engineering and I thought this Apprenticeship would be a great way to earn while you learn and obtain valuable on the job experience, all while working for a great company.

Did you have any special interests/experience that helped you pursue the Apprenticeship in Signalling and Telecoms?

I have always enjoyed engineering, having completed A-Levels in Engineering. This definitely helped me when coming into an engineering role as I already had some of the basic knowledge of electronics which is needed for this job.

What have you enjoyed the most and also found challenging as part of your training?

I have enjoyed learning about the various types of equipment throughout the railway and attending any equipment faults, being able to use all of the skills and knowledge I have learned so far. However, it can be challenging as there is still a lot to learn, which will take time.

Do you have any advice for someone thinking of applying for the Apprenticeship? 

Do it! It is a great way to improve skills, gain knowledge, and valuable work experience, all while completing a qualification. It is a great way to earn while you learn