yLink FAQs

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Who can get a yLink card? yLink card is available to any person aged 16 to 23 years old.

What does a yLink card do?

  • A ylink card gives you a third off Translink bus and train fares and up to 50% off cross border fares.

  • The 50% off discount applies to single fares across Ulsterbus and Metro.

How much does a yLink card cost? yLink is now FREE for first time purchases! The £8 card has been waived until further notice so get your card TODAY! 

How does it work? When purchasing a ticket you must produce your yLink card and the discount will be applied.

Can I upload journeys onto my yLink card? No. You cannot pre-load journeys onto a yLink card. You must present your yLink card when purchasing a ticket.

Does it work on mLink? Yes! You can upload your ylink card onto your mLink account and receive your discounts.

Does a yLink card work at the Glider halts? yLink card discounts will apply to the Glider service and the cards will be accepted at Glider halts.

Can someone else use my card? No. The card is photo personalised and cannot be used by anyone other than the cardholder.

Help! I have lost my card If you have lost your card you can request a replacement here. There is a £6 charge to replace a missing card.

Do I have to be a student to get a yLink card? No. You do not need to be a student to get a yLink card. The only requirements are that you are aged 16-23.

I am over 24 but still a student, can I get a card? yLink cards are only available to people under the age of 24 only. Students aged 24+ can apply for a 24+ railcard, or one of our of annual travel cards.

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