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Park + Ride

We operate dedicated high frequency services from major park and ride sites from;

  • Sprucefield - Belfast Urby service 651
  • Black’s Road - Belfast Urby service 650
  • Cairnshill - Belfast Urby service 652
  • Dundonald - Belfast Glider service G1 and Urby service 655
Parking is FREE!

​With free parking, many of our train stations and some bus interchanges on main routes have park and ride facilities these are served like any other stop on a scheduled service just Plan a Journey or Download a Timetable for information and ticket options.

Cairnshill Park & Ride Ticket Vending Machines

Cashless off-board purchase options for tickets on Cairnshill Park & Ride bus services can now be bought at our quick and convenient Ticket Vending Machine (TVM). Simply use the TVM located on site at Cairnshill Park & Ride to purchase your tickets for travel.  

TVM features and benefits for Cairnshill Park & Ride customers:

  • Accept credit and debit cards 
  • Contactless payment available (up to £45) 
  • Accept cash (coins and notes)
  • Gives change (coins)
  • Top up any Translink smartcard products for travel
  • Collect ‘buy online’ tickets (enter online purchase code to redeem tickets) 
  • Adjustable touch screen for ticket selection, can be dragged up or down on the large screen to suit customer height/view.

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