Improvements and Projects


Translink is committed to maintaining and enhancing our infrastructure to deliver a high quality, safe and sustainable public transport network today and for future generations.

As an essential public service, public transport is fundamental to the economic, social, and environmental well-being of our society. As we emerge from this pandemic, it will be vital that well-used public transport networks return to their essential role of providing greener, healthier, and more active travel options for a better economic recovery.

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Why is this engineering work needed?

This essential engineering project will see the upgrading of existing infrastructure between Portadown and Lurgan Train Stations.

It represents a major capital investment by the Department for Infrastructure and will improve the performance of the rail network in the area. This project is also essential for maintaining the high safety standards and reduce the level of maintenance needed in the long term.

The proposed works include the laying of approximately 8800 metres of new cabling and the introduction of retaining wall structures

Let’s go together...

This investment will protect our network, enabling people to stay connected to work, retail, education, and leisure opportunities, and will be good for visitors. It will help to care for our environment, addressing climate change and removing harmful air pollution from the air we breathe by attracting more people to travel by train, reducing reliance on the private car.

The railway between Lurgan and Portadown is a key strategic corridor for local and cross-border travel. It is vital we take these steps to invest and build back better to deliver fit for purpose infrastructure for well into the future.

Over recent years there has been substantial investment in the public rail network in the greater Craigavon area, notably with the Lurgan Area Track Renewal project in 2019. Planning is also underway for a new train station in Lurgan, as well as a wider signalling improvement project across the network. Later this year, longer walkthrough 6 car trains will be introduced with the roll-out of our new train carriages, offering more seats and more space.

We have also recently invested in new cleaner, low emission buses for the Craigavon area as we work towards achieving our target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030 and a fully Net Zero bus and rail fleet by 2040.

Timeline of Works

  • Early 2022:
    • Main construction works commence for a period of approximately 8 months
  • Mid 2022:
    • Terminating, testing, and commissioning of cabling
  • Early 2023
    • Project complete


*Dates may be subject to change

Working with the community...

We have been engaging with the local community and elected representatives to explain how the works will be carried out and what to expect and this will continue throughout the duration of the project. We will make sure all our communications are sent in line with the latest Covid-19 guidelines using a range of methods.

If you have any questions, you can contact thew project team design. email

Impact of works...

The main engineering works are planned to begin on 10th January 2022 and the project will take approximately 8 months to complete. The works will be completed during the night and passenger trains will continue to operate as normal. The engineering works will move along the railway between Portadown and Lurgan, meaning construction won’t be in one area for a sustained period.

During the works will be putting in place measure to reduce noise and disruption and will introduce further noise mitigation methods where possible.

Key Project Facts

  • £9 million Investment.
  • 8800 metres of new cabling.
  • New cabling will reduce the need for maintenance.
  • Upgrading equipment ensures operational reliability and performance.
  • Project will maintain and enhance safety standards

Next Steps...

This work is part of a series of planned or completed improvements to the railways network in the wider Craigavon area, subject to approvals.

These include:

  • Signal redesign works for level crossings which will reduce waiting times at level crossings for road users in Lurgan.
  • Proposed Lurgan station redevelopment.