COVID-19 - Health Workers

Free Travel on public transport for all health and social care trust workers

Free Travel on public transport for all health and social care trust workers in response to COVID-19 outbreak.

All NHS and Health and Social Care trust workers within Northern Ireland can avail of free Translink bus and rail services until further notice.

To access free travel, please use one of the following forms of identification:

  • A Work Pass with the HSC logo 
  • A Certificate of Registration with the HSC logo and with any photographic ID

Others operating in private sector such as care homes must show a letter signed by their employer along with photographic ID*. This letter will be made available from the Department of Health. 

*Photographic ID for those operating in the private sector to include:

  • UK or Irish Passport
  • UK, Irish or EEA driving license
This decision has been taken by Nichola Mallon, Minister for Infrastructure in recognition of the work of all health and social care trust workers in response to the COVID-19.

Translink welcome the opportunity to play our part and to support our key health workers who are doing an incredible job during these most difficult times.  

We are committed to providing essential public transport services for key workers and those needing access to key services such as healthcare and food supplies. 

This is a dynamic situation we are all in together with many Translink staff also working extremely hard to ensure we continue to deliver vital bus and train services for our community. We all must do it to get through it

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