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Filming and Photography on Translink Property

Translink has a procedure in place which applies to all filming and photography requests on Translink property.

Before approving requests, the Translink Press Office requires the following information at least ten working days before the proposed filming:

  • General synopsis, date, location and time of proposed filming.
  • Copy of the organisation’s public liability insurance – minimum value of £10 million.
  • Copy of the organisation’s Employer Liability Insurance – minimum value £10 million.
  • Copy of insurance broker’s letter that confirms the organisation is covered for filming on or near a railway line (if wishing to film on a train or platform).
  • Copy of the risk assessment, which will be put in place if filming is agreed.
  • Indemnity Form Signed – obtained from Translink Press Office (original hard copy form required as copies are not accepted). 

Once the legalities of the request have been processed, Translink will advise if the filming/photography can proceed. Please be aware that charges may be applicable depending on requirements.   Please note: applicants for filming requests relating to Translink property must show and enact GDPR compliance.

For further information please contact the Translink Press Office on (028) 9089 9455.

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