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Main works on the Belfast Transport Hub project are now underway.

The project will deliver a modern, world-class integrated transport hub to enhance local and international connectivity with bus, coach and rail links across Northern Ireland and beyond. The facility will also include cycle and taxi provision delivering enhanced connectivity and comfort encouraging sustainable active travel for a healthier city.

The construction of the Belfast Transport Hub, a key NI Executive Flagship project, will significantly enhance the provision of public transport and active travel, drive economic development and play a major part in tacking the climate emergency

When completed in 2025 it will be the largest integrated transport facility on the island of Ireland and will help Belfast and Northern Ireland to grow as a modern, competitive, and confident region.

The Hub will provide greater capacity with an increase to 26 bus stands, eight railway platforms, enhanced walking and cycling connectivity, greater comfort and accessibility encouraging greener, active travel for a healthier, smarter city.  The associated Weavers Cross development delivered as part of the project will regenerate the lands around the transport hub and facilitate economic growth and urban regeneration, providing mixed-use commercial and residential space.

The official announcement that the Hub will be known as Belfast Grand Central has also been made, giving a sense of place, permanence and continuity to the project.

More on the Hub

You can find out more about the Belfast Transport Hub and wider Weavers Cross project here.

In a Creative Twist

Translink is taking the much-used local expression ‘It’s Grand’ into the wider community to encourage people to share their own ‘grand’ ideas and experiences.