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Rail Accessibility

Our Rail Services
All our trains have been designed to provide easy access including the following features:
  • A ramp (stored on board) to assist with access
  • Two dedicated spaces for wheelchair users
  • Other priority seats for the use of disabled passengers
  • An accessible toilet
  • On board audio and visual announcements
  • Strong colour contrasting inside and out
Our Staff
All our trains have on board conductors who have been trained to provide appropriate assistance including:
  • Deploying the ramp and providing assistance to help you to get on and off the train
  • Asking passengers to move from priority seats (including the wheelchair users space) if they do not need to use them
At our mainline stations staff are available to assist you around the station and to and from platforms.
Travelling with Guide or Assistance Dog
Guide and other assistance dogs are welcome on all our services.
Station Guide

Find opening times, staff hours, parking details, timetable and ticketing infomation, facilities and accessibility details for our bus and train stations and Park & Ride locations.

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