Tickets and Travel Cards

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Travel Cards

Our travel cards provide unlimited travel for a day, week or month and are available on Metro, Glider and Ulsterbus Town Services. They're the perfect way to save if you make more than 2 bus journeys a day and the more you travel, the more you save!

Unlimited Travel

Your day/ weekly/ monthly travel card validity starts on the calendar day from the moment of first use - so for example - a day top-up is valid for a calendar day only regardless what time of day the card is first used and expires just after midnight. A weekly travel card is valid for 7 consecutive days from the first day of use. A month's travel is valid for a calendar month from the date of first use, (for example, from 25th February to 24th March inclusive). With Metro and Glider day cards  you can buy multiples days (1,5 or 10) as non consecutive days).

Buy Now

Buy your day, weekly or monthly travel card and first top-up online now.

Cards are also available from a Smartlink Agent or at Visit Belfast Centre in Donegall Square North.

What are the Benefits?

  • It saves you money.
  • It is a safer, cash free method of payment for travel.
  • Smartlink helps speed up boarding times!
  • Top-up with 1 day’s travel on board the bus (Metro Glider Only)
  • Off Peak day travel (Metro Glider Only)

Topping Up


  • Ulsterbus customers can top-up on Ulsterbus services, in Stations, or at PayPoint Agents across Northern Ireland. 1 Month top-ups are only available in Stations. 
  • Metro and Glider customers can top-up at one of the participating Smartlink Agents, Visit Belfast Centre in Donegall Square North, Ticket Vending Machines at Glider halts or at PayPoint Agents across Northern Ireland. You CANNOT top-up cards onboard. 
  • Once you start using your card, you can top up with more travel. When you top up your card, any additional days extend the validity of the card from that date e.g. if you have 3 days left on your card and you top up with a further 7 days, your Travel Card immediately becomes valid for 10 days from the date you top up, and not 3 days plus a further 7 days from the date of first use of newly purchased travel. 


  • dayLink cards can be topped-up with 1, 5 or 10 days. Day travel loaded on a card is valid for non-consecutive days and remains stored on a card until it is used. 
  • Cards can be topped-up with one day’s travel on board a Metro bus (or Ulsterbus within the Metro operating area). You cannot buy a dayLink card on board a bus.
  • Top-ups of 1, 5 and 10 day’s travel are available at Ticket Vending Machines at Glider halts, PayPoint AgentsSmartlink Agents, main Translink stations, Visit Belfast (Donegall Square North).  
  • Top-ups at Ticket Vending Machines, PayPoint, Smartlink and Translink Sales Outlets will always be issued at a set standard top-up fare.

Card Validation

dayLink and Smartlink cards must be validated on the bus or validator device at Glider halts for every journey made by placing the card on the ticket machine reader or device. If a valid working card is not presented the customer will be required to pay full fare.

Useful Links

You can also use the following links to plan a journey, find a timetable, or find more information about accessibility onboard Translink bus and rail services. If you have been unable to find the information you need or have any feedback, you can also contact us;