Tickets and Travel Cards


20% off your journey

Save money every time on your selected trip with our annual travel card, and travel free at weekends! 

aLink is available for your specified bus or train journey (all operators) and as an extra benefit you get unlimited travel at weekends on the Translink bus and train network within Northern Ireland.

How to Apply

  • Step 1: Request a Quote - Complete an online quote.

  • Step 2: Accept Your Quote - We will then send you a quotation for your aLink card. Simply accept your quotation and provide your payment details.

  • Step 3: Your Card gets posted - Translink will post an aLink card to you, so you can enjoy saving every day. You will need to validate it on a bus or rail ticket machine reader every time you travel.

Current aLink Card holders do not have to apply for an aLink card using the process above. Only those customers who do not currently have a card need to apply via the new aLink ‘Request for Quotation’ process above.

Apply Now
First of all, you need to fill in a quotation request and we will work out how much your aLink card will be. 
aLink Terms and Conditions
You can learn more about the aLink card terms and conditions here.