Conditions of Carriage


The following conditions are in the interest of passenger safety, comfort and service efficiency.

Dogs / Animals

  • Dogs/Animals will not be permitted on trains prior to 0930 hours, Monday - Sunday (with the exception of assistance animals)
  • Dogs/Animals may travel free of charge after 0930 hours, at the discretion of an authorised member of staff (maximum 1 per person)  
  • Dogs/Animals should be of a size that they can be kept under a seat or around the feet of the owner without causing an obstruction  
  • Dogs/Animals must be clean, adequately controlled and kept on a leash at all times, unless contained in an appropriate container  
  • Dog/Animal must travel on the floor throughout the journey, and if found to occupy a seat/table, the owner will be liable to a penalty charge.   
  • Dogs/Animals deemed as dangerous by an authorised member of staff will not be carried on any train service


  • All bicycles (subject to the conditions below) will be carried FREE of charge on trains.
  • Bicycles will not be permitted on trains prior to 0930 hours Monday to Friday.
  • Up to 4 full sized bicycles can be carried at any one time within the designated bicycle area. Space will be allocated on a first come first served basis, in the designated area, and at the discretion of the Conductor. There is NO bicycle reservation system.
  • There are NO travel restrictions nor limit to the number of ‘folding bicycles’ we can carry, provided they are completely folded down.
  • Tandems, tricycles, motorcycles, mopeds, motorised cycles and scooters are not permitted on any train.
  • Bicycles will not be carried during periods of bus substitution.
  • Bicycle parking shelters are available at many main stations throughout the rail network.

No Smoking

  • It is not permitted to smoke in any NI Railways building or on board any train.

Penalty Fares

  • Passengers travelling without a valid ticket and who have had an opportunity to purchase one will be issued with a penalty fare.
  • The Penalty Fare for NOT having a ticket will be £50 plus the full single fare for the journey made. Alternatively offenders may be prosecuted resulting in a criminal conviction. Maximum penalty £1000.


  • Passengers are not permitted to carry alcohol on board Bangor, Larne, Portadown/Newry, Londonderry and Portrush local trains.
  • Customers may only consume alcohol on Enterprise trains which has been purchased on board.
  • For the purposes of public and staff safety, NI Railways reserves the right, at all times, to stop alcohol being carried onto its premises.
  • NI Railways may refuse entry to any person who declines a baggage search, is deemed to be intoxicated or anyone it reasonably suspects is carrying alcohol on their person.


  •  No loitering or trespassing on NIRailways property. Maximum penalty £1000.


  • CCTV cameras are now installed on C3k trains and at selected locations. Images are recorded and monitored for your safety and to help prevent crime.
  • This scheme is controlled by Translink.
  • For further information telephone 028 9075 9110

NI Railways reserves the right not to carry any passengers who are in breach of these conditions, cause discomfort or otherwise be a nuisance to other rail users or cause damage to railway property.

Tickets are non-transferable.

  1. Subject to condition 2, tickets purchased from Translink are non-transferable and shall not be re-sold or otherwise transferred.
  2.  The restriction set out in condition 1 shall not apply to: (a) any ticket purchased on behalf of another or a group so long as that ticket is not re-sold for commercial gain (including, but not limited to, at a price higher than its face value); or (b) any ticket re-sold by or on behalf of any authorised reseller or authorised agent of Translink.  
  3. Translink reserves the right to cancel any ticket transferred or re-sold (or listed for re-sale) in breach of this condition.