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Famous Belfast faces call on young people to play their part in Covid-19 recovery

08 July 2020

Community film highlights importance of protecting everyone on public transport

Some of Belfast’s most recognised faces including comedian and actor Tim McGarry, boxer James Tennyson and local legend May McFettridge have joined forces in a short community-led film produced by Translink to support the on-going fight against Coronavirus.

The film released today asks young people to keep social distancing particularly at bus & train stops and on-board public transport.

The call is simple – ‘Play Your Part and Don’t Be A Melter’. Help the country recover from the crisis and protect everyone in the community, especially the elderly and most vulnerable. The important message is part of Translink’s wider ‘Let’s go safely together’ campaign.    You can watch on youtube or vimeo.

More than 20 local people participated in the short film appeal with representatives from community organisations including Antrim GAA, Colin Gaels GAC, Sally Gardens Community Centre and Celtic Boys and Girls who all shared their own thoughts on the importance of the film’s messages*.

John Linehan aka May McFettridge, said:

“I know it can be hard for young people to keep up social distancing, especially as time goes on, but you have to think about everyone in the community. People like your granny and granda… not a young thing like me of course!

“On a serious note, it is frightening for older people in the community to encounter groups at bus stops or on-board the Glider. Maybe consider walking to the park and kicking a ball around or painting a fence at the back of the house for your ma instead. And remember - keep your distance and respect your elders!”

Ian Campbell, Translink’s Director of Service Operations, said:

“A big thank you to all our cast for helping us deliver important public safety messages. Our services have played an essential role throughout the Covid-19 crisis and remain vital in the local recovery effort so it’s crucial we keep public transport safe for everyone who needs it. 

“As more people use the bus and train again, we want to reassure them and this has been an excellent collaboration with the community that illustrates how people can travel safely by taking simple steps like social distancing and wearing a face covering.” 

For more details on using public transport safely visit and follow @Translink_NI.


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