Have A Go Days

"encouraging more women to become bus drivers"
18th October 2013


Dear Colleagues,

We want to attract the very best people to join Translink so this week we held two 'Have A Go' days to encourage more women to find out about a career as a Translink bus driver and to have a go at driving a bus. We last held this event back in 2008 and went on to successfully recruit a number of the women who attended.

Spaces at this year's 'Have A Go' days were filled very quickly and we received great feedback from the female participants – indeed the event was so popular we now plan to hold an additional event on November 5 to meet demand. If you know anyone who may be interested, details are on www.translink.co.uk/haveago. Thanks to everyone involved in this event – a lot of hard work went in to making it so successful.

I want to share some of the positive feedback from our business partners and customers about the great job we are doing:

The Chief Executive of the 2013 World Police & Fire Games contacted me to thank everyone involved in the successful delivery of the transportation plan for the event - officially labelled the 'friendliest and best' games ever. In a letter of fulsome praise and sincere thanks he said; "you should be very proud of the contribution Translink made; I have no doubt that your assistance played a major part in the overall success". Congratulations to all of you who helped deliver all the travel requirements for this high-profile event.

It is also great to get feedback on new products, one customer took the time to tell us; "I would like to say how impressed I am with mLink… so convenient …. a brilliant idea whoever came up with this."

This sort of feedback reminds us that we are getting things right for our customers and we must continue to work hard to provide attractive travel options for everyone.

Catherine Mason

Group Chief Executive