Happy Christmas

"Thanks for your hard work throughout the year"
20th December 2012


Dear Colleagues,

I would remind employees that on March 31st 2013 current spouse/partner passes will expire and they will no longer be valid for travel on Translink bus and rail services. To ensure an efficient system for re-issue, employees will have been sent a letter attached to their payslip in December 2012 to inform them of the expiry date of the spouse/partner pass and to recommend that they update their spouse/partner photograph. Photographs must be received by HR Services by 15th January 2013.
Employees who have never been issued with a spouse/partner pass and wish to apply for one, should complete and return the form ‘Application for Staff Travel for Spouse/Partner of Staff’ when they have completed their probationary period.
Thanks to all of you for your hard work throughout the year in delivering the high level of service our passengers have come to expect from us and for your contribution to growing passenger journeys throughout 2012.   Thanks also if you are working over the Christmas break to maintain services for passengers.

Finally, I would like to wish each of you a Happy Christmas and a peaceful 2013.

Catherine Mason

Group Chief Executive