Translink Olympic Team

"successful transport service for the world's top athletes"
3 August 2012


Dear Colleagues,

This week saw the start of the 2012 Olympic Games in London and I am pleased to tell you that we have our very own 'Translink Olympic team' based in West Ham.

With over 160 employees made up of drivers, inspectors, engineers and managers together with more than 120 coaches and buses, the team are working with a number of other transport operators from across these islands, successfully delivering a high-profile transport service for some for the world's top athletes and visitors who have come to watch the games.

Some of our drivers had a most prestigious pick up last Friday evening when 12 coaches collected guests from Buckingham Palace to take them to the Opening Ceremony of the games - an experience I'm sure they will never forget.

This is an extensive operation and I understand our colleagues are highly regarded and indeed the high quality of our fleet is the envy of a number of other bus companies involved. With around 2 weeks still left to go I must commend their sterling efforts - their level of pride and commitment is also helping us to promote a positive image for Translink and Northern Ireland as a whole.

However, we could not have delivered this contract without the support of our colleagues covering for drivers who are away on Olympic duties. It is important that we continue to operate high quality services at home for those people who use us every day and to attract new people and tourists visiting us.

Finally, this week I attended a meeting with the Committee for Regional Development to give background on the business case approach which underpins our wage settlements. While respecting the confidentiality of the process, I explained that such settlements are 'self-financing' and linked to improvement and enhanced productivity and efficiency.

Philip O'Neill,

Chief Operating Officer