All Metro, Glider, Foyle Metro and Ulsterbus Town services are low-floor, accessible buses with the following features:

  • Ramped access and a kneeling facility
  • A dedicated space for one wheelchair user
  • Other priority seats for disabled passengers
  • Handrail provision throughout the bus and frequent, accessible, bell pushes
  • Strong colour contrasting inside and out

All Belfast Metro and Glider services also have on board next stop audio and visual announcements.

Our Bus Staff

All our drivers have been trained to provide appropriate assistance to assist people to use our buses and coaches. This includes:
  • Stopping the bus at a stop where there is a passenger waiting who may have difficulty identifying the service for example a passenger with a Guide Dog
  • Lowering the bus and deploying the ramp/lift to help you access the bus
  • Clearing any obstructions in your way including anything in the wheelchair users space
  • Asking passengers to move from priority seats (including the wheelchair users space) if they don’t need to use them
  • Fitting your wheelchair with restraints if these are required
  • Keeping the bus still until you are in your seat
  • Announcing arrival at your stop if you ask for this