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Conditions Of Carriage

Translink values your custom and we aim to ensure you have a safe, comfortable journey on a clean, well maintained bus.

“Translink is a trading name used by any company within the Translink group. The group comprises Ulsterbus, Citybus (Metro and Glider) and Northern Ireland Railways as well as a number of smaller companies and the parent company the Northern Ireland Transport Holding Company. The Translink companies have their registered offices are at 22 Great Victoria Street, Belfast BT2 7LX, Northern Ireland.”

These Conditions set out your rights, restrictions on those rights, and obligations as a customer of Translink or any of its subsidiaries.

These are the Conditions under which Translink carries any person and their property and these Conditions apply to any ticket issued by Translink and any contract to carry any person or their property entered into by Translink. Any person who travels on a transport service operated by Translink or any of its subsidiaries shall be deemed to have agreed to be carried on these Conditions. These Conditions are consistent with statutory regulations including those relating to Conduct of Passengers and Lost Property and do not affect your statutory rights.

There may be specific variations to these conditions on certain services that are operated on behalf of other organisations-such variations are notified locally.

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