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aLink Terms & Conditions

  1. aLink is Translink’s annual smartcard, which entitles the card holder to
    annual travel on scheduled Translink services within Northern Ireland for
    the journeys and validity period printed on the card. Translink Day Tours
    and Special Services are excluded. aLink cards are available for adults.
    Child cards are not available.
  2. aLink cards also permit unlimited travel on the Translink Bus and Rail
    Network within Northern Ireland at weekends.
  3. If you attempt to make a different Monday to Friday journey outside of
    the journey details printed on your aLink card then our staff will charge
    full Adult Fare for that journey. The appropriate fare should be paid before
    commencement of any journey to be undertaken outside of the journeys
    printed on the card.
  4. aLink card holders need to apply for a new card annually. Once a card
    has been issued it will remain valid until the expiry date printed on the
    card, which is 12 months from the date of card issue. At the end of the 12
    month period Translink will provide you with a quotation for a new aLink
    card for the following 12 months.
  5. aLink cards are photo-personalised, are therefore not transferable and are
    invalid if used by another person. Fraud or abuse of an aLink card may
    result in its withdrawal and / or prosecution of the offender.
  6. Failure to make aLink card payments may result in the card being
    electronically hotlisted, making it invalid for use and retained by Bus or
    Rail Staff.
  7. aLink cards must be validated on the bus or train for every leg of the
    journey made. If a valid aLink card is not presented to the ticket machine
    the customer will be required to pay the appropriate full fare.
  8. aLink cards are validated on a bus by placing the card on the ticket
    machine reader. Where Translink Platform Validators are located at a Train
    Station an aLink card must be validated on the machine on each leg of
    the journey. If a Platform Validator is not available your aLink card must
    instead be validated by a member of NI Railways staff using a handheld
    ticket machine.
  9. aLink cards and corresponding tickets must be retained by the passenger
    until the journey is complete and must be presented if requested by
    authorised Translink personnel.
  10. aLink card holders may apply for a refund if their aLink card is no
    longer required. Refund claims must be received before the expiry date
    of the card. Refund requests presented after the expiry date will be
    permitted only in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the
    company. The refund is calculated on the date the card is received for
    refund by reimbursing any unused travel at the discounted aLink price.
    A charge of 20% of the value remaining on the card will be deducted
    unless extenuating circumstances apply. To apply for a refund the card
    holder should post the aLink card along with accompanying letter and, if
    appropriate, supporting documentation to Refunds, Pass Office, Translink,
    3 Milewater Road, Belfast, BT3 9BG.
  11. No refund is payable on Public Holidays when reduced or no Public
    Transport service is provided. Refunds due to Delays or Cancellations will
    be paid in line with policies outlined within Translink’s Passenger Charter
    and NI Railways Delay Repay Policy.
  12. aLink cards are subject to the Conditions of Carriage of Translink’s
    operating companies.
  13. aLink cards remain the property of Translink. If lost cards are found they
    should be returned to Translink at Pass Office, 3 Milewater Road, Belfast
    BT3 9BG.
  14. If you change address or change your name you must inform Translink
    immediately so that a new aLink card can be issued with your change of
    details. You must advise Translink before the 15th day of the month so
    that a new aLink card can be issued to you which will be valid from the
    1st day of the following month. Your original card must be returned to
    Translink at the address below. An administration fee will not be charged
    for your replacement card due to change of address or name.
  15. If your aLink card is damaged or lost, the appropriate adult full fare will
    be charged for any journey undertaken and is not refundable. You can
    apply for a replacement card at a main Translink bus or train station. A
    replacement card costs £6.
  16. If your aLink card is stolen, the appropriate adult full fare will be charged
    and is refundable providing you are able to supply Translink with the
    appropriate PSNI crime reference number given to you when you reported
    your aLink card stolen. You can apply for a replacement card at a main
    Translink bus or train station. A replacement card will be issued free of
  17. If your aLink card is faulty and the ticket machine is unable to read the
    information stored on the card the appropriate full fare will be charged.
    Translink will test the aLink card and if it is found to be faulty Translink will
    replace the card free of charge and send a new card to you within 7-10
    working days. You can apply for a replacement card at a main Translink
    bus or train station. Adult tickets purchased whilst the aLink card is faulty
    may be refunded for valid journeys within the validity of the aLink card.
    To apply for a refund, customers should retain and submit any valid adult
    tickets purchased.

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