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yLink Card

Make the Smartmove with yLink and get a massive 1/3 off all bus and rail travel plus you also get discounts and offers on partner business across Northern Ireland!
yLink is a travelcard for all 16-23 years olds in Northern Ireland. You get 1/3 off all Translink bus and rail travel in Northern Ireland and up to 50% off Enterprise for a one off payment of only £8!

Big Discounts for yLink Card Holders
Look out for our yLink partner discounts and save even more than just your bus and rail travel.

yLink Travel at Your Fingertips
Buy NI Railways yLink & 24+ tickets and yLink Metro day tickets with the mLink app. Download now and get your free app on iPhone & Android.
Get Team Translink Out
Team Translink can call out to your school/college etc and provide all the necessary information needed. Whats more, forms will be filled in on the day and a PIN supplied to each applicant.