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Translink Future Ticketing System

A new era in Translink tickets is coming soon...
It will provide customers with better integration, flexibility and convenience when buying and using tickets for Translink services.
Following extensive research and consultation, Translink Future Ticketing System (TFTS) has been carefully developed to transform our passenger journey experience, meet changing customer needs and attract more people on board bus and rail services.
Translink Tickets Are Changing
Key Highlights
TFTS will simplify ticketing for our customers and reward regular passengers.
BRT Off-Vehicle Ticketing
Belfast Rapid Transit (BRT) Off-Vehicle Ticketing
Off-vehicle ticketing - buy ticket or validate smartcard before you travel.
Speedier boarding & journey times.
Vending machines / validators at every halt.
Ticketing Vending Machines
Ticketing Vending Machines
Coin, notes, contact & contactless credit/debit cards accepted.
Reduced queues.
Top-up smartcards.
Buy paper tickets.
Collect tickets purchased online.
Contactless Payment
Contactless Payment
Use your existing credit/debit card with 'contactless' symbol.Contactless Symbol
More convenience - Tap once to pay - no pin/no cash required for transactions under £30.
Fully integrated - use on all bus, rail and BRT services.
'ePurse' Smartcard
'ePurse' Smartcard
Money loaded onto and stored on new Translink smartcard.
Best value daily and weekly capping.
Tap On when entering the system and Tap Off when leaving the system (TOTO).
Fully integrated - use on all Translink services (bus/train/BRT).
Online/App Tickets & Top-ups
Online/App Tickets & Top-ups
More flexibility - from your phone, laptop or PC via App or website.
Smartcard connected to personalised customer account.
Remotely top-up your smartcard or buy your ticket online.
Register for automatic top-ups when your card balance falls below a minimum level of credit
Next Steps
On September 5, the Minister for Infrastructure announced that Parkeon is the TFTS primary supplier. We are now working closely with Parkeon to deliver this new ticketing system on schedule.
Planned TFTS 'Go Live' Timescale
Belfast Rapid Transit Off-Vehicle Ticketing System - Summer 2018
Metro System Replacement - Autumn 2019
Ulsterbus System Replacement - Winter 2019
Contactless Credit & Debit cards on-bus - Spring 2020
NI Railways System Replacement (including Gates & Validators) - Winter 2020
NI Railways Period Pass Smartcard - Spring 2021
Barcode Ticketing - Spring 2021
ePurse Smartcard - Spring 2021
Business Account Card (Replacing Warrants) - Autumn 2020
Customer Smartcard Portal, Online & Automatic Smartcard Top-ups - Summer 2021
Northern Ireland leads the UK in Smartcard usage in passenger transpor
Northern Ireland leads the UK in Smartcard usage in passenger transport, alongside London, with around 28 million Smartcard journeys annually and nearly half a million active Smartcards.