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Securing Investment

Monday 22 January 2018
Securing sustained investment is an essential part of our business strategy to grow public transport and deliver our vision ‘To be Your First Choice for Travel in Northern Ireland’.
"Sustained funding is essential to deliver a transformation in public transport"

So, I’m pleased to report that we recently received a welcome boost with the announcement of government funding of £9.3 million to help address reduced levels of Translink subsidy and additional capital funding will also be used to support the procurement of new buses helping us maintain high fleet standards.

This is good news for our business and starts to address the current level of underfunding we face, ensuring we remain financially viable this year and recognising the vital role of public transport in developing Northern Ireland as a thriving and competitive region.

However, we remain considerably behind other parts of the UK when it comes to funding for public transport and we need to ensure there are sustained levels of funding going forward to deliver a transformation in public transport in NI.

Our ‘Get On Board’ Strategy also emphasises the importance of delivering excellent services that exceed customer expectations. And research released this week by the UK’s largest independent consumer body ‘Which?’ indicates we’re certainly on the right track.

Translink NI Railways was ranked the Number 1 Leisure Rail Operator in an independent Which? Customer Satisfaction Survey which examined everything from punctuality and reliability to seat availability and value for money.

We scored higher than 27 other UK rail operators – a tremendous result that recognises your hard work, expertise and professionalism on a daily basis to deliver outstanding service.

And reflecting our ongoing efforts to make facilities as attractive as possible, we’ve recently completed a cycle shelter programme providing customers with 38 new bike shelter/storage facilities situated across both NI Railways and Ulsterbus stations. We’ve installed bike parking shelters / ‘cycle d’s’ across most locations that customers can use free of charge. In addition, secure parking compounds have been installed at Holywood Train Station and Lisburn Train Station. Customers can simply apply online via our website for a key fob to use these facilities. Visit to find out more.

Their arrival supports all our customers who want to enjoy an active lifestyle enabling them to easily integrate both cycling and public transport into their regular journeys. This supports the draft Programme for Government goal to increase the use of public transport and active travel.

Finally, I’d like to thank everyone who worked so hard last week to keep services running through some very difficult weather conditions. There are too many heroic stories to mention here but thank you all for demonstrating the Translink SPIRIT yet again as we work to maintain and grow vital public transport services for the benefit of everyone in Northern Ireland.

Chris Conway
Chris Conway
Group Chief Executive

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