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2018 Updates

  • Corporate Challenge Champions

    Monday 15 October 2018

    encouraging staff to leave the car at home and ease congestion

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  • Preserving NI Railways through infrastructure maintenance and renewals

    Monday 08 October 2018

    Thank you to all our infrastructure teams for their hard work managing these significant and complex projects

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  • Investing in Public Transport

    Monday 01 October 2018

    Encourage more commuters to use the train or bus and reduce the number of cars in our cities.

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  • Winter Preparedness

    Monday 24 September 2018

    I was proud to witness great teamwork, demonstrating the Translink SPIRIT in all areas of operations.

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  • Team Players & Scoring Goals

    Monday 17 September 2018

    Last Monday I was very pleased that we were able to support Inspire and the Samaritans on World Suicide Prevention Day; it is important that we take the time to help spread awareness on this important issue.

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  • Successful Delivery of Key Projects

    Monday 10 September 2018

    It’s been a busy first week of September – Glider is bedding in across Belfast, with reports of busy services and broadly positive feedback and media coverage.

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  • Glider Services Take-Off

    Monday 03 September 2018

    Thank you to everyone assisting our customers with the changes this week and showing the Translink SPIRIT.

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  • Providing Events Transport

    Monday 27 August 2018

    I am hugely proud of all the Translink teams who delivered thousands of people to/from parades on Saturday, got thousands of young people to/from Belfast Vital on Saturday night and then many of those same people got up early on Sunday morning to bring people to/from the Papal visit in Dublin and deliver an essential park and ride service from the outskirts of Dublin to Phoenix Park.

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  • Making A Difference

    <p> Monday 20 August 2018</p>

    As a large employer we often have the opportunity to go that step further and support the community we serve with important outreach activity. Recently, a team of volunteers from the Weavers Cross project and our Railway and Property & Structure divisions brought together their skillsets to deliver an inspiring restoration project at Arellian Nursery School that will benefit local children and parents from the Sandy Row and Donegall Road area of South West Belfast.  

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  • Translink SPIRIT in evidence

    <p>Tuesday 7 August 2018</p>

    I was very pleased that we were able to support a highly successful and vibrant Belfast Pride at the weekend, demonstrating Translink’s commitment to respect and value diversity in the workplace and among the community we serve every day. Thank you also to all those who helped out at the parade and in the Pride village on Saturday. Here’s a short snippet from an email I received during the week which I think captures the importance of this commitment – 

    “On a personal note, for the first time in my entire working life I have encountered an employer who is willing to make a statement that me and many other LGBT co-workers are valued employees and Translink accepts and values us as who we are”.

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