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Top Platinum Environmental Performance

Monday 13 November 2017
As one of Northern Ireland’s leading businesses we’re committed to running the company in a safe, socially and environmentally responsible manner.
"benchmarking environmental management with our peers"

So, I’m pleased to report that we’ve retained our impressive Platinum status in this year’s Business in the Community NI Environmental Benchmarking Survey which plays a key role in ensuring environmental issues are firmly on the agenda in organisations right across Northern Ireland.

For the past 19 years, the survey has been a key driver in improving standards in business environmental management. It’s an extremely useful tool that we can use to benchmark how we manage and perform against environmental criteria and our sector peers. We were assessed across key criteria including Corporate Strategy, Environmental Management, Environmental Performance & Improvement and Assurance.

The Platinum rating recognises the hard work that is done across the organisation to continuously improve our environmental performance.

Congestion is a key ‘clean air’ issue and we are starting our ‘Metro Congestion Relief’ campaign which aims to position Metro as a soothing ‘tonic’ for anyone stuck in traffic. Along with clever advertising, promotional street teams will be out and about prescribing ‘Metro Congestion Relief’ boxes to the public containing key campaign messages and an activated dayLink card ready for top-up.

We also continue to raise the profile of our rail safety campaign and most recently we’ve concentrated our efforts on promoting pedestrian railway crossing safety in the Whitehead area. In partnership with PSNI, we’ve been engaging with local schools, businesses and residents reminding people about simple but extremely important rules like ‘Never cross when the warning light is Red’.

Thank you to everyone who is working hard to continuously improve our environmental performance, address congestion and maintain safety standards so that we continue to deliver a safe and sustainable public transport service.

Thank you also to those who organized Remembrance Services across the company on Friday.

Chris Conway
Chris Conway
Group Chief Executive

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