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Involving stakeholders in the development of public transport

Monday 30 October 2017
Our vision is for ‘Translink to be Your first choice for travel in Northern Ireland’ and we aim to achieve this by ‘delivering a transformation in public transport, providing integrated services which connect people, enhance the economy and improve the environment’. The involvement of key stakeholders in this vision is vitally important to ensure we meet passenger needs.
"The involvement of stakeholders is vitally important"

This week I was pleased to have the opportunity to meet with a number of stakeholders representing business, tourism and communities and it was great to launch the registration for the inaugural Translink Youth Summit. This event, happening in Belfast on Saturday 18th November, will give young people in Northern Ireland the opportunity to have a say on how we can make Translink their ‘first choice for travel’ and influence the way we invest in and develop our transport infrastructure and services for the future.

The event will feature a panel of Translink representatives, including myself, and I am looking forward to a lively debate, with an opportunity to listen and understand what we’re getting right and what challenges young people may be facing in using public transport. The Summit will be hosted by Cool FM'­s Pete Snodden and will address key areas such as technology and innovation, rural accessibility, tickets and active travel.

Last week we launched our new safety bus vehicle, the old bus had been going for over 15 years, visiting upwards of 350 schools each academic year. The new safety bus can continue the work of educating young people in the use of public transport and for schools in Belfast the changes Glider will bring in accessing services across the City by providing a fully interactive experience.

Our Communications and Marketing teams are an important part of our stakeholder engagement and a number of their communication campaigns recently won awards at the Chartered Institute of Public Relations awards and the Press Association for Northern Ireland awards. It is great to get this recognition for all our efforts to involve stakeholders in the development of public transport in Northern Ireland.

Finally, with this week being Halloween we expect there to be more families and young people using our services to get to fun events so thank you to everyone working to make this a memorable holiday for everyone.

Chris Conway
Chris Conway
Group Chief Executive

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