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Corporate Commuter Initiative

What is the Corporate Commuter Initiative?

The Translink Corporate Commuter Initiative (CCI) is an incentivised, award winning programme, aimed at encouraging employers and their staff to use sustainable forms of transport to commute to and from work.

The scheme targets public and private sector organisations of all sizes throughout Northern Ireland and seeks to increase awareness of public transport options to demonstrate that there are practical and reliable alternatives to taking the car to work. 

What can you as an employer do to help the environment?

We believe that every organisation in Northern Ireland can play a role in reducing traffic congestion and pollution. Using public transport for journeys is the single best way in which to reduce our individual environmental footprint. Therefore, we are keen to work with employers who can demonstrate a commitment to establishing an environmentally friendly culture within their organisation.  Some steps employers have made in the past include:

  • The removal of free car parking.
  • Subsidised public transport travel.
  • Provision of interest free loans to staff, to allow them to purchase the Annual Commuter Card.
  • Development of Green Travel Plans. 

What can we offer your business?

We can arrange to visit your site at a date and time convenient to you. We will set up an information stand, providing staff with details of our services, ticket types and fares, as well as answering any timetable enquiries.  To encourage employees to trial public transport, we may be able to offer a travel incentive.

The benefits of public transport

Increased use of public transport contributes to environmental sustainability at many levels; at macro level there is wide spread international consensus that global warming has been caused by increased emissions of carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels. As transport contributes about 25% of the total emissions in the UK, it is a significant target for action to reduce emissions.

On a per kilometre basis, the rail, bus and coach services operated by Translink are significantly more environmentally friendly than journeys undertaken using other transport modes.

In addition, many micro level benefits arise from the increased use of public transport, for example it addresses detrimental individual health impacts caused by poorer air quality especially in urban centres.  

How do I find out more?

For more information on CCI, please contact the Translink Marketing Department on (028) 9089 9400 or e-mail us at [email protected].