We are advising customers that the following arrangements are now in place for refunds during the Covid-19 emergency until further notice. For full details on Translink’s Ticket and download our refund policy.

Specific policy sections relating to individual ticket types are also provided below for reference.

  • Paper Tickets
    • Normal refund policy applies for bus and rail tickets [see section 2.1 – 2.10].
    • NI Railways customers are asked to tear tickets to void them and email photo* of torn, legible ticket along with proof of purchase to .
  • mLInk
    • Normal refund policy applies for bus and rail tickets [see section 8.3].
  • Smartlink/iLink (incl. Metro Travelcards, Ulsterbus Town Service, Daylink, iLink, Belfast Visitor Pass)
    • Normal refund policy applies [see section 4.1 – 4.5].
  • aLink
    •  You don’t need to do anything until you return to the workplace, customers can then apply for a refund for the missed period of travel. It is not possible to offer an extension to the period of validity on the respective aLink card.
    • Your employer must confirm the period that you (their employee) worked from home or was self-isolating.
    • Translink will consider these circumstances as a ‘life’ event and will waive any refund administrative charges.
  • aLink – Direct Debit Customers
    • Due to the current Government Guidelines around Covid-19; Translink understand that this has led to self-isolation, working from home and social distancing measures. As a result, we understand that you may not be able to use your aLink card at this time. Therefore, if you currently hold a valid aLink card and are paying by Direct Debit each month, we can offer a temporary suspension of your aLink Direct Debit payments.
    • If you wish to avail of the option to suspend your Direct Debit payments; please advise Translink as soon as possible by emailing with your name, card number and stating Direct Debit Suspension Request.
    • Translink must receive this request by the 10th of the month to ensure your Direct Debit is not taken. Any requests that do not meet the deadline date will result in your Direct Debit payment being taken as per normal.
    • Please note, this option is only available to those who are not travelling and are paying by Direct Debit each month. If you obtain this suspension you cannot use your aLink card to travel during this period.
    • In addition, if you cancel your Direct Debit and fail to notify Translink; this may result in the cancellation of your aLink card.
    • If the customer no longer requires their aLink they can return to Ticketing Systems Department, Translink, Floor 1, 22 Great Victoria Street Belfast BT2 7LX with a covering letter saying no longer required due to Covid-19 and we will cancel the card and issue a refund of any unused travel to date.
  • Cross Border Coach and Enterprise
    • Refund policy applies [see section 2.5].
    • In addition, all online ticket sales will be refunded free of charge on request or an alternative date of travel can be accommodated. Online ticket sales as per buy online Terms & Conditions

The health and safety of our customers, employees and the wider public is paramount, and we will continue to follow all public health instructions as issued by PHA Information is also available from NI Direct:

For the latest bus and rail service updates please follow us on social media @Translink_NI, visit our website, use the Journey Planner or call the contact centre

*Emailed photos must be under 10MB in size

aLink Card Transferability

From 31 March 2020

Due to the current reduced timetable and to allow flexibility for passengers using our services for essential journeys, from 31 March 2020, aLink cards can be used on bus and train services for the same journey stated on the card. 

For example, a passenger with an aLink card for a Goldline journey between Antrim and Belfast can use their aLink card for the exact same rail journey. A passenger with an aLink card for a NIRailways journey between Newry and Belfast, can use the card on board the bus for the same journey.

Refunds for NHS Staff


NHS staff should return their smartcard to Translink, Smartpass Office, Floor 1, 22 Great Victoria Street, Belfast, BT2 7LX. The card should be returned with a covering letter on letter headed paper from your employer; the letter should also include your name and mobile number.


NHS staff should return their card to Translink, Pass Office, Floor 1, 22 Great Victoria Street, Belfast, BT2 7LX. The pass should be returned alongside a photocopy of your NHS staff pass.


NHS Staff should email including your Name, Telephone number, Date of birth and a photo of your NHS staff pass.
How Long Will My Refund Take?
Please be aware as we are experiencing an increased volume of requests for refunds, there may be significant delays in processing.
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