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Glider FAQ's

Q. Can I pay the driver when I board the Glider vehicle?

No. Unlike travel on Metro and Ulsterbus services, all ticket purchases for Glider must be completed before you board using the ticket vending machines located at every Glider halt. If you have the mLink Mobile Ticketing app simply activate the ticket before boarding. If you have a Smartcard then you simply need to validate your card at one of the validators which are located at every Glider halt. The screen on the validator will change colour to green, display a tick and make a sound to indicate that your Smartcard has been validated and that you are ready to board the Glider.

Q. If I validate my Smartcard at a Glider halt and then decide to use a Metro service, what should I do?

You should re-validate your Smartcard on board the Metro bus. No additional journey will be deducted if you are travelling in the same direction as originally intended and you travel within 90 minutess of validating at the Glider halt.

Q. Can I share my Multi Journey Smartlink Card with a friend or family member and travel on the same journey with them?

Unfortunately not. A separate Smartlink card is required to be held by every passenger on Glider.

Q. I want to travel across the city centre on Glider, what’s the best ticket for me?

If you are travelling for a single day then a DayLink smartcard is the best value as it allows you unlimited jour­neys on all Glider and Metro services anywhere in the city for £3.50 (£3.00 off-peak). If you are travelling for up to a week then a Smartlink Travel Card is the best value as it allows unlimited journeys on all Glider and Metro services anywhere in the city for £15. There is also a monthly travel card available for £55.

Q. What fares do Half-Fare SmartPass users pay on Glider services?

  • All Half-Fare SmartPass users will travel free of charge on the new Glider service. This will ensure that Glider services are easily accessible by users with disabilities.
  • All Concessionary SmartPass users (including Half-Fare SmartPass users) should tap their SmartPass on the validator at the halt before boarding the Glider vehicle. This will validate the SmartPass for the journey. SmartPass users do not need to use the Glider ticket vending machines.
  • The introduction of the full fare concession for Half-Fare SmartPass users on Glider is a temporary measure until an electronic ‘Oyster style Card’ ePurse facility is introduced under Translink’s new Future Ticketing System Project. The ePurse will enable Half-Fare SmartPass users to load money onto their SmartPass to pay for travel.
  • The full fare concession for Half-Fare SmartPass users only applies to Glider services. All other Translink services, including Metro, Metro Feeder Services, Ulsterbus and Northern Ireland Railways, will continue to charge Half-Fare SmartPass users in the normal way
‚ÄčQ. Can I use my Contactless Credit / Debit card for travel on Glider?

You may use your Contactless Payment Card to pay for ticket purchases and Smartcard top-ups at Glider ticket vending machines, up to a maximum transaction value of £30. The technology that will enable passengers to use Contactless Payment Cards as travel cards, similar to the systems in place in London, will not be introduced before Glider services commence. New ticketing technology, such as on-line Smartcard top-up and the ePurse ‘Oyster style Card’ Smartcard, is scheduled to be introduced in 2020.

Q. I am a wheelchair user and travel with ease on Metro services.  How will I travel on Glider?

When you arrive at the Glider halt you should validate your Concessionary SmartPass by tapping it on one of the validators.  The screen on the validator will change colour to green, display a tick and make a sound to indicate that your SmartPass has been validated and that you are ready to board the Glider.  You should use the front door of the Glider and should push the blue button on the door which will advise the driver that you require the ramp to be deployed.  The doors will remain closed while an alarm sounds and the ramp is deployed. When the ramp is fully extended the doors will open and you can then board the Glider and go to the accessible space located directly opposite the doors.  When you reach your destination you should press the blue button in the accessible space to notify the driver.  Once the ramp has been fully extended you can leave the Glider.  If you are using a Metro Feeder Service you should validate your Concessionary SmartPass with the driver on the Metro Feeder Service bus.

Q. How do I travel on Glider with a pram or buggy?

If you are travelling on Glider with a pram or buggy, you should use the rear doors where a space is provided to park 2 standard prams or buggys.  When the Glider arrives, go to the rear door, touch the blue button on the door and board the vehicle. When you arrive at your destination you should push the stop button to notify the driver that you wish to disembark.

When you arrive at your stop, push the button to notify the driver. It’s always best and safer to back out of the vehicle rather than going forward.

Remember: If possible fold pram/buggy. Overloading pram/buggy with bags can make it unsteady. When on a Glider apply the brake and hold onto pram/buggy. Ensure your pram/buggy does not block the aisle or door areas. Ensure your child is safely secured in the pram/buggy at all times when on the Glider. Getting off the Glider – Be aware of position of your pram/buggy wheels in relation to the pavement

Q. I live in east Belfast and use Metro 4X every day.  I have a Monthly Smartlink Travel Card and use 4 journeys a day.   I travel into the city centre from Ballyhackamore and then use Metro 26 at Wellington Place to go to work in the Titanic Quarter. How will my journey change?

With the introduction of Glider, you can now use G1 services to the city centre.  The 4X will now be replaced by G1.  Glider shares the same great value fares and tickets as Metro, so you can continue to use your Metro Smartlink Travel Card.  You simply tap your smartcard at the validator at the Glider halt and board the service once it arrives.  You can get off at May Street (City Hall) and board G2 to Titanic Quarter.  You will need to tap your smartcard again at the validator to travel across the city. On the return journey you tap your smartcard at the validator and wait on G2 to the city centre.  You can get off at May Street, St. George’s and walk to the Waterfront halt or Wellington Place to continue your journey home to Ballyhackamore.

Q. I have an Education Authority Pass to travel to and from school,  can I use it on Glider?

Yes. You need to have your Education Authority Pass with you every time you travel on Glider as it may be checked by a Customer Revenue Protection Officer.

Q. How will you ensure everyone has a valid ticket to travel?

Customer Revenue Protection Officers patrol the Glider network to ensure everyone travelling has valid permission to travel. Please tap your Smartcard or buy a ticket before you board Glider or you may be liable for a Penalty Fare of £50 plus the full single fare for the journey made. If the Penalty Fare is unpaid within the 21 day period this may result in prosecution and court conviction with a maximum penalty of £1,000.  

Feeder Services FAQ's

Q. What are Metro Feeder Services?

Metro Feeder Services will operate to and from the Glider transport hubs at Colin Connect in West Belfast and Dundonald Park & Ride in East Belfast to connect local communities to the Glider services. The Metro Feeder Services will serve the Ballybeen and Coopers Mill areas in the East and the Poleglass, Lagmore/Mount Eagles and Twinbrook areas in the West. You can choose to buy a single paper ticket on the Metro feeder bus service to anywhere on the Glider network or a paper day ticket for travel anywhere on the Glider and Metro networks. If you tap your SmartPass or Smartcard on board the Metro feeder bus service you should also always tap your card at a validator at the Glider halt before boarding Glider. No additional journey or travel will be deducted except if using an Inner Zone Smartlink card.

Q. How much is the Metro Feeder Service from Twinbrook, Lagmore, Poleglass to Colin Connect?

The cash fare for the Metro Feeder Service to Colin Connect will be £1.70 or if using a Smartlink Card( Inner Zone) £1.20.

Q. Will the Metro Feeder Services connect with Glider departures?

Yes. The Metro Feeder Services will be timetabled to connect with Glider departures and therefore minimise waiting times at the Glider transport hubs.

Q. Will the Glider service be extended to serve North and South Belfast?

The Department for Infrastructure has expressed its intention to extend the Belfast Rapid Transit (BRT) Glider Network to potentially serve South Belfast, North Belfast and Queen’s University/City Hospital. Any future extension will be subject to the success of the initial phase of the Glider network and the availability of funding.

The Department will assess the potential options for the extensions of the BRT network and prepare a business case. This process will include public consultation. In the meantime the Department will continue to engage with those responsible for current and proposed developments along potential future BRT routes to ensure, as far as possible, that the future provision of Glider services to key areas is not prejudiced.

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