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Bus Accessibility

Our Bus Services
All Belfast & Foyle Metro, Glider and Ulsterbus Town services are low-floor, accessible buses with the following features:
  • Ramped access and a kneeling facility
  • A dedicated space for one wheelchair user
  • Other priority seats for disabled passengers
  • Handrail provision throughout the bus and frequent, accessible, bell pushes
  • Strong colour contrasting inside and out

All Belfast Metro and Glider services also have on board next stop audio and visual announcements.

Our Staff
All our drivers have been trained to provide appropriate assistance to assist people to use our buses and coaches. This includes:
  • Stopping the bus at a stop where there is a passenger waiting who may have difficulty identifying the service for example a passenger with a Guide Dog
  • Lowering the bus and deploying the ramp/lift to help you access the bus
  • Clearing any obstructions in your way including anything in the wheelchair users space
  • Asking passengers to move from priority seats (including the wheelchair users space) if they don’t need to use them
  • Fitting your wheelchair with restraints if these are required
  • Keeping the bus still until you are in your seat
  • Announcing arrival at your stop if you ask for this
Coach Accessibility

From Monday 26th July, wheelchair-users using Translink Goldliner services will no longer need to book 24 hours in advance of their travel. 

Drivers will operate the side lifts installed on all the new single deck Goldliners while our double deck Goldliners have low floor front door access. This will mean wheelchair-users can travel more spontaneously on Goldliner coach services. We have also bought six newly designed low floor single deck coaches which are set to be piloted in the autumn.

There are some bus stops that need upgraded to be more accessible and Translink is working with the Department for Infrastructure, Road Service to progress this where the footpath allows.

Information about accessible Goldliner bus stops can be checked in advance using our Accessible Goldliner Bus Stop Check or see Contact Us for other ways to get in touch.

Wheelchair-users that want more advice or help to plan their journey can ask for accessibility advice online or see Contact Us for other ways to get in touch.

The review of this policy is part of our ongoing commitment to making services fully accessible and inclusive.  We will continue to liaise closely with IMTAC and the Department for Infrastructure to understand the needs of older people and disabled people with the aim to offer a consistent and enhanced customer experience for all.

Travelling with Guide or Assistance Dog
Guide and other assistance dogs are welcome on all our services.
Station Guide

Find opening times, staff hours, parking details, timetable and ticketing infomation, facilities and accessibility details for our bus and train stations and Park & Ride locations.

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