Travel Advice


You will notice a few changes in our stations and on board our services.

Everything we are doing is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our passengers and staff.

What Are Are Doing

Enhanced Rigorous Cleaning
We use the latest cleaning technology and long-lasting anti-viral disinfectant that kills viruses and bacteria on contact.
Icon of Electrostatic Cleaning
Mobile Cleaning
Teams carrying out additional mobile cleaning throughout the day.
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Multi-Touch Point Cleaning
Multi-touch points in main stations disinfected.
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Swab Testing
Independent swab testing being introduced on buses, trains and stations.
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when travelling please respect our colleagues and be patient

What Are Are Doing

Wearing a Face Covering

To help keep everyone safe, please wear a face covering if you can. This is in keeping with advice on indoor settings.

Icon of face covering
Capacity Monitoring
Monitoring passenger capacity and increasing services where there is demand.
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Hand Sanitiser
Hundreds of hand sanitiser units at most of our stations across the network.
Icon of hand sanitiser
Polycarbonate Screens
Polycarbonate screens fitted to our bus drivers’ cabs and in stations to shield passengers and staff.
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What Are Are Doing

Contactless Payments
Contactless payments to minimise interaction – Pre-paid tickets are available such as mLink, Smartlink, dayLink and iLink.
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Safe Transport Team
PSNI Safe Transport Team assist with ensuring safety measures are adhered to.
Icon of Safe Transport Team
Staff Issued PPE
Front line staff issued with face coverings, gloves, hand sanitisers and additional PPE as required
Icon of Staff with Face Covering
Ventilation Systems
Buses and trains are fitted with modern Ventilation Systems which continually draw in fresh air from outside the vehicle, allowing for greater air circulation.
Icon of Ventilation System

What Are Are Doing

Rapid Testing
Rapid asymptomatic testing of Translink staff means positive cases will be identified quickly, breaking potential transmission chains.
Icon - swab with speeding clock
Encouraging Passenger Hygiene
Passengers are encouraged to maintain good hand hygiene – hand sanitisers will remain in stations.
Icon - Face covering poster

Preventing The Spread

There are steps everyone can take to help reduce the risk of catching or spreading coronavirus (COVID-19). Think about how you can protect yourself and your household, and make safer choices.
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