Passenger Panels

Terms of Reference
  • To create a platform where regular users of the service have an opportunity to provide insightful feedback on their journeys to representatives of Translink.

  • Meetings to be held three times each year for each group.

  • A total of 10 groups to be created, 1 Metro, 3 NI Railways and 5 Ulsterbus.

  • Panel membership to be representative of the passenger profile for the respective service / area.

  • Translink to have an operational and marketing representative on each panel.

  • Action points only to be taken from each panel meeting and circulated to panel members 10 working days after the meeting.

  • Invites to be sent out 2 – 3 weeks prior to next meeting with an update on the previous action points.

  • Panel membership is for two years with possibility of an optional third year.  No further extensions permissible.

  • Pro Formas to be made available to panel members to facilitate comments on individual services taken.

  • Agenda for each group meeting should include:

    • Review of Action Points of last meeting

    • Open discussion on the provision of relative bus/rail services

    • Report from Area Manager / Route Manager

    • Marketing Update

    • Any Other Business

  • Panel members to receive a travel incentive in the form of iLink voucher(s) for their participation in the groups.