Metro is Belfast

Translink Metro is Belfast. 

It’s the lifeblood that courses through the city’s veins. 

The clockwork that keeps it ticking. 

The oil in its engine. 

The two sausage and egg in its Belfast Bap. 

Metro keeps us moving. 

It brings people together and our city to life. 

Where work is only a daydream away, 

a page turn away

or a laid back playlist away. 

It’s a shopping trip.

A catch up coffee.

An overdue get together.

A good night out.

A safe ride home.

Or just a way to bring our city closer. 

From truffle oil chips on the Lisburn Road

to bout ye’s on the Shankill.

Tables for two on the Ormeau

and welcome backs on Botanic.

It’s freedom of our city.

Translink Metro is Belfast.

Metro is Belfast Film

Thank you to the people of Belfast and particularly to the Translink Metro passengers who made this film possible and Belfast the spectacular city it is.

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