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Do you have feedback or complaint? This process should be followed if a current Supplier/Contractor and or a potential Supplier/Contractor believes that Translink have fallen short of the values and principles set out below.
Procurement Principles
Translink is committed to the guiding principles which govern the administration of public procurement. Translink will seek to apply these in our dealings with suppliers and potential suppliers. These principles are;
Ensuring that as far as possible there is openness and clarity in policy and its delivery.
Competivite Supply
Utilise competitions unless there are convincing reasons to the contrary.
Procurement policy all other things being equal to be will be consistent with other general procurement policy in the public sector.
Meet the commercial, regulatory and socio-economic goals of government in a balanced manner appropriate to the procurement requirement.
Carry out all procurement processes as effectively as possible.
Fair Dealing
Treat suppliers fairly including protecting commercial confidentiality where required and will not impose unnecessary burdens or constraints on suppliers or potential suppliers.
Ensure that the appropriate policies and procedures are in place to prevent corruption or collusion with suppliers or others.
Informed Decision Making
Base decisions on accurate information and monitor requirements to ensure that they are met.
Conform to all legal requirements.
Pay due regard to Government's other economic and social policies.
Effective mechanisms are in place to enable the Accounting Officer to discharge their responsibilities on issues of procurement risk and expenditure.
Endeavour to meet the aspirations, expectations and needs of the community served by our procurement.
All Group Managers are accountable for ensuring that the Procurement Policy and Procedures are where applicable briefed, understood and implemented at all levels within the Group.
Where possible the issues your feedback has raised will be dealt with immediately, but if investigation is needed the Procurement Department will aim to get back to you with a full response within 10 working days.
Have You Got a Formal Complaint with Regards to Procurement?
If you're a current or potential supplier/comtractor and want to make a formal complaint regarding our procurement process please follow these steps;
The Procurement Department's aim to Drive Improvement
The Procurement Department are interested in your opinions. The Procurement Department will listen and, where appropriate, act upon your suggestions/comments. If you have any comments on the procurement process you should contact the Procurement Manager at the address listed below.

Head of Procurement
22 Great Victoria street

For general enquiries email [email protected]