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Our Priorities

Information about our strategies and plans is included here. Our Corporate Plan, Annual Review and Monitoring Results are also included in this section.
Annual Review
We are pleased more and more people are choosing to travel with Translink and proud of the contribution made by all our employees.

Corporate Plan

This corporate and business plan has been developed within the context of significant funding reductions from the Department for Regional Development.

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Delay Repay

NI Railways now operate the Delay-Repay scheme which represents a fairer way to compensate our passengers across the local network when things go wrong.

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Ticketing System Replacement

With technological developments continuing apace and existing equipment models no longer being manufactured, Translink must commence work to replace its current ticketing system as soon as possible.

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Monitoring Results

This report presents the thirty-sixth set of results based on the Translink Integrated Passenger Charter.

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Belfast Transport Hub

We're committed to delivering the Belfast Hub; a world class multi-modal transport interchange acting as a high quality gateway for Belfast and beyond.

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